The unexpected turnaround of reviews for “Don’t Look Up”


Naomi Lopez

Don’t Look Up is one of the most recent productions in the cinema industry. Most have chosen to watch it due to the star of the show, Leonardo DiCaprio, but were pleasantly surprised by the important theme of the movie by the time the end credits rolled. 

To summarize, Don’t Look Up is about the struggle a group of underground scientists go through when they try to prove that a catastrophic asteroid will soon be hitting Earth’s surface. The main conflict of the film is that the world fails to believe them despite the possibility of humanity’s mass extinction.

“To be honest? My parents made me watch it with them on movie night,” said senior Brandon Puentes. “I got a good laugh out of it. It was funnier than I expected it to be, but I think it sent a good message in the end.” 

Although it seems as if this movie gravitated towards adults more than teenagers, Puentes still managed to be captivated by the experience of this movie and grew to enjoy it. 

“It wasn’t my kind of movie, but I think it sent a pretty good message,” said senior Melanie Garcia. “My sister made me watch it. I laughed a bit. Like I said, it wasn’t my kind of movie, and I don’t watch movies much in general, but I’ll admit it was pretty funny.”

It seems as if this movie had more of a fun tone, displaying a message through humor in order to really reach the audience. What was that message, though? What was Don’t Look Up really trying to get across? 

“It was frustrating at times,” Garcia said. “It reminds me of a lot of political things that happen today, so sometimes it was just annoying, but in a good way. It’s like a wake up call to what’s happening in the world around us.”

Don’t Look Up was a movie serving as a warning to humanity, a portrayal of the planet and all of the mistakes its inhabitants have made. Not only that, but this movie succeeds in showing that the world is not all bad, and that there are people out there willing to help.

“Besides all the jokes, it was infuriating to watch,” said Puentes. “In a good way, I mean. It shows what’s gonna happen to the world if people don’t start thinking about how much we’re destroying, and it’s sad that in the end, those who tried had to sit there as the world fell apart.”