From action to horror, check out these new movie releases


Sophia Torres

Calling all Moviegoers! Make March your best movie month yet. There are so many  different movies releasing this month. These movies include The Batman, Umma, West Side Story, The Lost City, and The Outfit. Currently, the most popular movie in theaters right now is Batman, which released Friday, March 4th. 

 “I haven’t really watched any of these movies yet, but I am actually planning on watching a few, like The Batman and The Lost City, I heard they were really good,” said Sophomore Kendall Baldrias. 

Don’t worry, there will be no spoilers, just brief summaries of each movie. The Batman, is the story of Batman, the protector of Gotham City, as he attempts to search for a sadistic killer, The Riddler. Following clues being left behind, each clue brings him closer to home, and  he realizes that he needs to strengthen his relationships while finding the culprit of these killings. This movie has a dark and merciless twist to it and is filled with tons of violence. 

Sophomore Natalie Adi said, “I would rate this movie a 10 out of 10 because it was honestly just incredible. I personally love all the Batman movies but I might love this one the best.” 

Another movie many movie buffs are looking forward to is Umma. Umma is releasing Friday, March 18th. Starring Sandra Oh (popular for portraying Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy), this new horror movie is based on the Korean word for mother, umma. The main character, Amanda, lives on an isolated farm in the US with her daughter. After the estranged death of her mother, the ashes are sent to Amanda’s home and begin haunting her. Amanda then begins to live with the fear of turning into her own mother. 

“I have a sweet spot for horror movies, so this will be good, also, I love the actor that’s going to be playing Amanda, Sandra Oh,” said Alumni Christian Sanchez (CO 2018). 

The Outfit is originally based on a book released in 2003. This crime drama was released on March 18, 2022. It features an English tailor living in Chicago, whose main customers are a family of brutal gangsters. The tailor makes beautiful clothes for his only customers, but also must be cautious of them. This movie’s cast contains the actors Dylan O’Brien, Mark Rylance, and Zoey Deutch to name a few.

“I actually read the book, which I personally thought was amazing because I love crime dramas and The Outfit is filled with mystery and left me always wanting to know what was going to happen next. I imagine the movie will be better than that,” said Alumni Ayleen Torres (CO 2018). 

The adventurous comedy The Lost City was released on March 19, 2022. The Lost City features actors like Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum and Dan Radcliffe. The movie centers around an author going on a tour with her book cover model, Alan, while also trying to promote her newest book. On this tour, she gets kidnapped by a billionaire in hopes of being led to a lost ancient city. 

Baldrias said, “At first, I wasn’t thinking about watching this movie, but then I heard Channing Tatum was in it and now I’m definitely going to be in theaters on the 19th.”

Theaters such as AMC, Harkins, and Regal Edwards will be showing these movies or are currently showing them. Since March 4th, AMC theaters started selling Batman exclusive merchandise like hooded blankets, bobbleheads, and film cell art. Go and enjoy a relaxing movie weekend with a friend and treat yourself to loads of snacks and other goodies!