Brenda Martinez claims CIF Wrestling Championship Win


By: Avery Rosas

Martinez pin downs her opponent.

Avery Rosas, Staff Member

California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Wrestling occurred in February, and Ayala athletes exemplified their capabilities. Sophomore Brenda Martinez dominated her opposition and triumphed in her last match to win the CIF Northern Division championship. 

Martinez’s wrestling engagement started around four years ago, and her dedication has obviously paid off. Practices are rigorous, taking anywhere from two and a half hours to three hours. 

“We warm up with our takedowns, we go over some technique, we go live, then we do some cardio and sometimes I stay a little extra,” said Martinez.

210 Prep Sports noted that the title match ended with a score of 6-4, with Martinez defeating top-seeded Saryna Garcia of Etiwanda. Martinez reflected on how she felt going into the match knowing who she had to face. 

“I had lost to the girl in a past tournament and I was very nervous,” said Martinez, “I was just listening to my music and telling myself I can do it.” 

Martinez’s determination and focus on her craft didn’t go unnoticed, and her closest friends comment on her conviction every day after school.

“She puts in a lot of dedication to her sports and school by attending practice after school every single day, then getting home around 6 and doing homework for hours until it’s time for bed,” said sophomore Kaya Nuno, who has been Martinez friend for eight years.

Taking a step back, people realize that every achievement in life is fueled by the support of one’s surroundings. And who else better to support someone than their own mother?

“I really appreciate my mom because she deals with my weight-cutting moods and helps me so much when I need anything,” said Martinez.

The value of love and appreciation is unparalleled by a mother or parent, and the value of experience and training is unparalleled by a coach. Martinez also sends gratitude to her coach Grant Brunier, who she says “has literally been there with me since the beginning and has dealt with my attitude the most.”

“He had seen me at my worst and helped me overcome those moments. He is always there by my side,” said Martinez. “He notices when I’m upset, he knows me the best. He is always there for me when I need help.”

Despite the time spent focusing on improving her athletic abilities, she almost always manages to find herself in good spirits. “Something special about Brenda is that she is an amazing overall person. She manages to crack jokes and be an amazing listener on top of all of her other priorities in her life,” said Nuno.

All current aspects of Martinez’s life can be summarized down to a single sentence, one that is the deserved result of an undeterred conviction. 

“I was in disbelief. It didn’t feel real. I was so excited and happy,” said Martinez. “The feeling was indescribable. Just the thought of winning CIF as a sophomore was amazing.”