Relationship advice: how to be a good significant other


Dallas Mangold

When we think of relationships, the first one that comes to mind is romantic relationships. But as there may be a few rocky points, here are a few tips to remain a healthy relationship between you and your significant other if you ever run into issues.

Dallas Mangold

One thing everyone wants is to be in a good and healthy relationship. Some people are naturally good at it, naturally bad at it, don’t try, try super hard, and some people are just straight up confused. Being in a relationship isn’t easy, there will be ups and downs, but that shouldn’t stop you from caring for that person you really like. This article is to help you to fully understand what to do in a relationship for people who are in or close to being in a relationship and completely lost. For those people not in relationships yet, best of luck.

Cooperation Skills

Being cooperative with your significant other is vital when in a relationship. Sometimes, there will be days where nothing seems to be going right or stuff is falling apart. Take a breath, sit down, talk, listen, and communicate your feelings. Do not close up; be open to them, and remember that both sides have to be reassuring. After all that, seal it with a hug or some embrace of reassurance, and take the day slow.

The Ability to Reassure

Having the ability to reassure is very important when it comes to being open in a relationship. In more cases than not, people will be scared to lose their significant other, have worries in general, and may overthink everything. That is absolutely okay. Being there to reassure, calm them down, and go through everything with them is important and needed to help them through it. 

Taking Time for Them

You will always have the feeling to make time for your significant other and that is a correct feeling. Making time out of your day is important and sometimes you won’t even know you’re going out of your way to see them even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. This step isn’t usually forceful, but it comes naturally as you will always want to see your significant other.

Finding “Us” Things

Finding things that you can correlate with your relationship is always fun to do. When you do find things that remind you of your partner, whether it be through videos you see, cute little things, inside jokes, etc. For example, on TikTok, there are videos of cute little animals such as cats, otters, and bunnies, with one that is “You,” one being “Me,” and at the end it’s the two animals that says “Us?” This is the type of stuff I’m talking about that you can send to your significant other, and every time you see those cute critters in the outside world, you will automatically think of that special someone. 

Being Supportive

For those couples who do extracurricular activities, this one is huge. Whether it be going to each other’s games, plays, band performances, practices, or just anything you can attend, do your best to try and support them. Going out of your way to go out and be their #1 fan is always something cute and fun to do. It also feels good mentally, as that person who is playing or performing feels like they have a fanbase, even if it’s just one person. 

Truly Loving Them

It’s pretty straightforward: you have to love them fully with your heart. You are going to feel that love comes from nowhere, you are going to feel it take you over and everything you do will be based around them. You will want to spend every moment with them, go everywhere with them, text them 24/7, everything will be about them. That is true love, that is truly loving someone.

Being in a relationship requires determination and an open mind in order to be successful. Everyone has their own ways of expressing themselves, and no couple is the same and that is definitely ok. Being active in the relationship is how it will blossom, and just being the best version of yourself for them.