Earthquake in Acapulco, Mexico

Earthquake in Acapulco, Mexico

Avery Rosas

A forceful earthquake struck along the coast of Acapulco, Mexico about a week ago on Tuesday, September 8. Jolts struck the foundations of buildings from the hotels along the beach and sent waves through the land before they faded onto skyscrapers of Mexico City.  

 Information gathered from the US Geological Survey provides us with evidence of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake which occurred, specifically, 60 km northeast of the Middle America Trench located near the coast of Acapulco, Guerrero where the effects were felt the greatest. One fatality was reported and almost 30 more were injured.

Mexico has sadly become a corrupt, dangerous country that leads to underlying causes in ways you wouldn’t even think of. “In Mexico, there’s not that many building codes, so you can easily bribe anybody,” said Ayala sophomore Luis Ramirez-Lucero regarding the structural stability of many buildings that were damaged by the earthquake. “So, the problem is probably magnificent, you know, because you expect a bunch of buildings went down because they’re not up to code.” 

  “It’s so corrupt that they know they can bribe certain people and they can get away with cutting corners,” said Chino Hills resident and second generation Mexican-American Melissa Marquez. “I mean, there’s so many smart people in Mexico, all they’re doing is hurting themselves because it’s so seismically active there.”

Mexico has been stated as one of the most seismically active countries in the whole world and this is attributed by the fact that it lays in what is called a subduction zone, where slabs of the crust are slowly sliding underneath each other. 

“I heard that there was damage in Mexico City, but that it wasn’t too bad,” added Melissa Marquez, “I have a work friend that has family in Mexico City, but they said that there was no serious damage done to them.” She also stated that a tsunami warning was issued, but that there was nothing seriously bad that occurred in Mexico City. 

 Terrifying blue flashes of light emerged from beyond the Acapulco skyline throughout the night as buildings continued to shiver and sway, filling citizens with horror and shock. Many claims were that an apocalypse was coming, but physics professors claimed that it was most likely a voltage change that shone bolts of energy through the sky as the plates shifted. 

“It sort of freaked me out because it lit up the sky like lightning but it came from the ground,” said Ayala sophomore Nicholas Tisnado-Palacios, “I don’t think it was an apocalypse or anything, but it isn’t something you would see normally after an earthquake like you would see here.”

Through the years we have seen numerous earthquakes which have shaken the foundation of buildings of Mexico and the country itself. Ranging from a low 6 magnitude to almost a 9.0, Mexico has endured and recovered. 

“Well, I mean, the earthquake always seems to happen in September, and then I believe it was 1985 that we also had one so I believe it’s kind of normal now. Basically, it’s kind of expected.” said Luis, regarding the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City. 

The 1985 earthquake, an event that devastated the lives of hundreds and caused billions of dollars in damages. And still today, Mexico City flourishes as one of the most populous cities in the world and Mexico as a whole rebuilds itself to sustain its high spirits on it’s venture throughout history.