If you’re craving fish tacos, Urban has your back


Xavier Madsen

Pictured above is the taco meal with a beef birria and spicy baja shrimp taco, with rice and beans.

Xavier Madsen

The restaurant, Urban Fish Tacos, opened on the 21st of October in the Shoppes to a full house of people who were ready to eat. They were all waiting in anticipation for a new place to eat fish tacos. The fellow competitor in Chino Hills, Wahoos, was established in 1988 and people wanted something new.

That’s where Urban Fish Tacos comes in. They have many popular items on their menu such as the Spicy Baja Shrimp Tacos or the Seared Sesame Ahi Tuna Tacos, which is  just a taste of what they offer. They even have dishes for people that don’t want to eat fish at a seafood restaurant like the Chicken Taquitos or the Beef Birria Tacos, among other beloved items. Junior Daphne Master shares a suggestion if you can’t decide amongst all the delectable sounding options.

“To the people that are unsure on what they want to try first, I would recommend the Chicken Taquitos, since the red sauce that they had on them was really delicious and a little bit spicy. They also had an avocado sour cream mix on them and it went well with everything on the plate,” Master said. 

Junior Delany Lord went to Urban as well and had a great time. She wanted to put in a good word for her favorite dish she had there, so that others could also enjoy it.

“I think the Surf and Turf tacos were really tasty. The steak was cooked great and the chipotle sauce that they came with was really flavorful,” Lord said.

Although it is a bar and restaurant, it is about more than just the food. The atmosphere is also very important in places like Urban. 

“My experience at Urban fish tacos was great. I went with my friends and loved the atmosphere,” Master said. “I think I would rate it a seven out of ten. The place had a great vibe and the food was really good as well.” 

Although the food at a restaurant is really important, the staff and the service themselves are also very important. Junior Ruben Cuevas-Quintero makes a remark on the service at Urban fish tacos.

“My experience overall was pretty good, I would say. The staff were super helpful and nice, and they kept bringing out the good food. I would recommend this place to others,” Quintero said.