Girls’ Tennis Runs the Show

Sohan Raval, Sports Editor

Every year, one sport shines above all with their great achievements on and off the court. Ayala Girls’ Tennis continues to succeed this past year as they enter CIF. WIth CIF being one the highest ranked achievements, students aspire to be in such a position yearly. Ayala Tennis is the epitome of the Bulldog way; providing both the community and the school with success has always been one of their goals.

The team holds much of their success because of the chemistry that comes along with this journey. From every obstacle they faced on and off the court, the team did it together. “I have met so many close friends through tennis and being able to play with them every season has brought us closer together,” said senior Xinyi Wang, a member of the Varsity Girls’s tennis team. 

These moments and the bond the group holds have always been the foundation of the team and it continues to grow each and every day. Head Coach Ojinaga said, “My favorite moments are when I’m on the bus and I get the chance to talk to my players about their daily life and overall just get to know them more aside from the sports aspect.” 

A team that has been solidified from the faculty to the players provides much of the reasons behind their overall success.

As many Girls’ Tennis players enter their senior year, the players hope to cherish every moment they have left with the team as they move on to face other endeavors outside of high school. “I do not intend on playing tennis in the future after high school because I have other passions that I would rather set my mind to, but I will always be grateful to the fact I played HS tennis,” said senior Kaylene Guzman, a member of the Varsity Girls’ Tennis team. While each senior has their own aspirations after high school, a part of them will always remember and cherish each memory they had as a team forever. 

The Ayala Girls’ Tennis team is dominant in all phases; with young talent and great experience, the team’s future is bright.