[Poem] Tis Just a Moment…Once upon a starless midnight

Once upon a starless midnight, as I wandered, aimless in my plight:

Pondering over the burden of shadow.

whether to end the troubles or to undergo.


While I suffered, silent but screaming, suddenly someone was reaching

As of a light brightly shining, shining through a lonely door

But alas, I was only dreaming. I was no one, only a delusion and nothing more.

T’was only a gloomy December ever

but sorrow seeped and tortured me without reprieve.

Eagerly, I wished the end of my troubles;

futilely I placed my hope on the morrow but

Only the drink and the blade made time to borrow, not even the rise of the sun

nor the bliss of yarrow.

The whispers of every dying thought wrought upon my heart a deep shadow

A shadow never felt before

So to the thumping of my heart I muttered as if to a silent score.

“Tis just a moment and nothing more”

With every breath wrought with gasps, I sought to seek release from my sorrow

Crying out loud, spurred by my mind’s silent war

Shouting with an imagined roar

“Take this burden from me I implore!”

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