Wren Bulawin

[Valentines’ Writers Comp 2023] My Love

My love. 

Is it cruel? Is it cruel for me to continue my life as if our souls were never bound? My beautiful girl, my precious girl. Though I fear I will never be able to live my life apart from you, you knew this was coming, didn’t you? From the start, one of us had to leave. I could stay up every night for you, cry and scream for you, I could stay for you. But our fate was set in stone, it had to end like this not merely for me but for you as well. When did things get bad? When did you stop being the little girl playing in that fast food playlot? When did your eyes stop reflecting the night sky? Questions I wish I knew, questions I wish anyone knew. I’m sorry you never got better. I’m sorry you stayed lost in the depths. I’m sorry for the cries. I’m sorry for the yells. I’m sorry for the hurt I gave you. I’m sorry for a lot but most of all, I’m sorry for giving up on you. Though our story is not over, your book reached its final chapter. Some say to mature, to grow up. Some say we’ll always be one. But I say you must release the blade to stop the bleeding. Even as I let you go you continue engulfing me with light whenever I begin letting you return. Like the moonlight providing us with its shine even in the darkest nights. My lovely, this is goodbye. I’ll continue to see you in the stars, the same bright stars that leaked from your eyes. I’ll never forget your smile as it is now my own. I cannot grow with you, I cannot mature with you. I can only kill the shadows that drag me back to you. Shine bright and travel safely, my moon. Thank you for showing me it’s okay to be someone else, someone better. Thank you for morphing me into who I am.

Thank you, me.  

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