Isabel Sim

A poem about what water feels like, from the feeling to the touch-blind.

[Poem] Touches of Water

 They told me to put my hands under the faucet. 

They told me that water felt a bit like relief, 

That water felt a bit like that soothing, reassuring feeling you have

After staying angry at someone for so long, 

And then finally letting go. 


Or that awakening feeling you have

After stepping outside the house for the first time in days,

 And remembering just how full of life and excitement

The outside world is. 

That freeing, relaxing sensation 

They said that this kind of water

Almost felt like the feeling you have

Of being so loved 

After you’ve been crying for so long, 

Because you were so sad, so angry,

And so confused

And someone notices you and takes you in their arms

And tells you it’s okay

They said that sometimes, though, 

Water can feel shocking, 

Like an unpleasant surprise or an insult

Thrown at you unexpectedly 

That burning feeling you have 

When you realize 

Someone stole your last chocolate-chip cookie

Or when you realize

That someone lied to you 


This kind of water was the stunning, offended feeling you had

When someone told you 

The blue dress you were wearing

Made you look like a large, awkward whale,

Instead of like a beautiful blue bellflower

They said that water could sometimes be like anger,

Boiling, bubbling, raging, seething,

Until it feels more like being yelled at

Like the time when you dropped your mother’s favorite dish,

And it fell and shattered in a million pieces


Or when you forgot to close the fridge,

And all the food went bad

That burning, frustrating feeling you had

When you did everything in your power 

To do something right,

But it didn’t work

They said that mostly, though, 

Water felt like strength 

Unbreakable, powerful, energetic

That invincible pride you feel

When you get back up

After every time you fall

That invincible feeling of being unstoppable 

I look closely at the water rushing down 

On my hands 

I smile, and tell them

That water feels exactly like I do 

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