Reversah SoCal Valorant Invitationals: the tournament high school teens needed


Katie Cheng

The vast growth of eSports has inspired many gamers and content creators alike to get involved in the gaming community, starting events like the Reversah SoCal Valorant Invitational.

Reversah SoCal Valorant Invitational (RSVI) is a Valorant Tournament hosted by students at Orange County School of Arts (OCSA) and Arcadia High School, in collaboration with the Valorant Banner company, Reversah.

Students from OCSA and Arcadia have formed a team of students from all across Southern California to help, including those from Claremont and Ruben S. Ayala High School.

Hosted over the course of two weekends, high school students from all across Southern California are able to compete in this tournament streamed by professional casters with over $6,000 in prizes. Players are able to form their team with students from their own school for maximum school rivalry or create teams with those from other schools within the state. 

Students from schools like Walnut High, Temple City, and Diamond Bar have all begun to register for this tournament of the school year. With over 70 registered teams, the tournament is sure to be one for the books.

 The prize pool has been graciously built up through the help of their sponsors, Reversah, American Video Game League (AVGL), TSMFTX, Seasonic, HyperX, Zowie, Blitz, and Twitch Student. In addition, their collaboration with various college eSports programs, like UCLA’s and UCSD’s have allowed them to spread the word about the tournament.

Kyle Hoo Soo, Program Manager at AVGL, said, “Our sponsorship is aimed to be more than just funding a tournament. At AVGL we believe the students now are the future of eSports.”

AVGL is an organization that focuses on helping high school and college students make their way into eSports. Through their virtual platform, students are able to host and enter tournaments at the click of a button. RSVI will be using AVGL as the main platform for the tournament, players may sign up with this link.

Hosting this tournament is senior Lauren Kim, Co-President and Founder of OCSA’s eSports club, who has been playing a major role in the development of the tournament. She currently focuses on designing the graphics for RSVI along with making executive decisions on ways that can maximize the opportunity to get as many high schoolers involved in eSports as possible.

“High schoolers should be involved in eSports to experience the collaborative feeling of competing and socializing,” Kim said. “It is exciting to meet others who share the same passion and love for video games to experience the rewarding feeling of a successful outcome.”

Moving forward, RSVI Tournament Operations Organizer and Arcadia eSports Treasurer, Kevin Wu, has a positive outlook for the future of eSports.

“I believe that with the trajectory of eSports now, it will rival traditional sports in no time and create amazing opportunities for anyone that wants to get involved!”

In preparation for the tournament, they currently have 2 on-going giveaways: Twitch Merchandise and Reversah Lanyards. Be sure to check them out, the giveaways will increase in prizes the more people who register.

“I, for one, can’t wait to see more players ascend to eternal stardom, similarly to how Faker may be the Lebron of League of Legends,” said Wu.

Tournament Registration Link

Twitch Merchandise Giveaway

Tournament Discord Server