Rory Webber takes over the Ayala stage

Raya Aguirre

“Rory Webber!” The announcements called out, bringing attention to the Production and Performance showcase “Around the World” that Webber herself was in charge of running.

How does the average student at Ayala carry themselves throughout the day? For some, there is a big focus on academics and clubs, for others on sports and extracurriculars.  Today, the spotlight goes to Rory Webber, an outstanding Bulldog of Ayala.  

Webber is a junior at Ayala and plays a big role in the theatre community. Recently, she ran the PnP Showcase “Around the World” and ensured that all the cogs of the show ran smoothly. This entailed deciding on casting choices, scene selections, light design, and the settings. Running the show bore the responsibility of making sure that everyone showed up and that they all got their cues during the show.  She played the lead role, Abigail, in the showcase The Crucible, and Laura in The Glass Menagerie, while also working on costume design.

On top of that, she juggles three AP classes, while being the Vice President of the Astrology Club and the UCC Representative of the Queer Straight Alliance Club. Taking AP U.S. History,  AP Environmental Science, and AP English Language, Webber maintains a 4.3 GPA and sets aside the time to focus on these academically rigorous classes. While being directly involved in two clubs, she also sets time aside to attend all UCC meetings for the QSA Club, helps host meetings, and plans meetings every Tuesday for the Astrology Club.  

Webber has a busy schedule, but that does not mean she neglects her own personal hobbies and interests.  Being a strong advocate for animal rights and the environment, Rory sustains a vegan diet and lifestyle. She enjoys thrifting and buying second-hand to reduce the overconsumption of fabrics and textiles.  During her leisure time, she enjoys reading poetry and novels, like Edgar Allan Poe. Her favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands and she owns a cat named Casey.

Webber is just one of the amazing Bulldogs on campus, yet insight into her academic and personal life goes to show the daily rigor and depth that each student faces.

“It’s trying at times but I’m really passionate about what I do,” said Webber.