Black Friday: Helpful or Harmful?


The Bulldog Times’ club members set out on a mission to ask the student body about Thanksgiving. Black Friday marks the beginning of holiday shopping for loved ones. Many spend the afternoon waiting in line after line for deal after deal. As online shopping becomes the most popular form of shopping, students debate whether or not Black Friday is helpful, or harmful.

“I think it’s more harmful… people do anything for low discounts and free things. Even in the cartoons it plays out more violently.

— freshman Z Izaguirre

“You can get good deals. It is a good time to buy Christmas presents.

— freshman Ruben Lecaro

“[It]helps with holiday gifts. Black Friday gives out lots of opportunities for good discounts. So shopping at this time helps save money when shopping for Christmas.

— freshman Sam Dougherty

“Helpful, because you get [items for] cheaper prices and to avoid COVID regulations and crowding, you can go online which solves the problem of getting hurt in stores. It’s also really fun and you basically race to get what you want. I love the competitive spirit.

— freshman Molly Miller

“Helpful, because poorer people are able to afford cheaper prices. Workers also get a lot of money because people are more willing to spend money. It’s a win-win deal, and who doesn’t love cheap prices?

— freshman Anneza Laqueo

“I think Black Friday is kinda in the middle. You get good deals, but people get trampled and hurt just for sales. It’s risky and you might not even get what you came for, leaving you hurt for nothing.

— freshman Sam Fox

“Harmful, because it hurts people. Sure people can afford what they want, but people get crazy and they shove, shoot, and hurt people. The happiness from Black Friday is artificial and quality family time is much better.

— Mrs. Pamela Luncz

“Black Friday is good, but I always waste a ton of money and blow my allowance on things I don’t really need. For me, that’s really the only con. Many people are set on being there first because electronics run for a super high price normally.

— freshman Ashlyn Kam

“Black Friday promotes capitalism and rugged individualism. People trample over each other to just get deals on overall worthless accessories and appliances.

— freshman Jeremiah Park

“Sure, Black Friday is helpful to customers because they can get the items they want for a lower price. But what if the manufacturer runs out of the product because many people are buying it. People can get trampled when everyone is trying to get that one item everyone. Fights break out.

— freshman Stephanie Lyn