The Embodiment of a Student-Athlete

Sohan Raval, Sports Editor

Ayala is the representation of a mixed relationship between studies and athletics. From basketball and football to the numerous AP courses that Ayala offers, many students on campus utilize these opportunities to become role models for the community. 

Senior Dominic Jauregui, a varsity wrestling player, is a perfect role model that fits all the categories of leadership, academics, service, and athletics. His influence on campus and on the wrestling mat has helped the atmosphere for the school and his teammates.

“I hope to make the most out of the senior year so I can bring a legacy to Ayala and help motivate others to become their best version of themselves,” Jauregui said. 

Being the president of USB gives Jauregui an avenue to help bring an environment where students can develop physical and mental strength. Wrestling has meant so much for him and has been a big part of his high school years.

“Wrestling has been a place where I can be myself. I use wrestling as my sanctuary where I can go to practice and put in hard work, while still having fun and making memories with my teammates,” said Jauregui. 

His teammate Connor Oh (12) describes him as a tenacious person and a go-getter for anything he does. “Dom embodies a student-athlete and is a great person to be around. He is also very hardworking during practices and at school,” said Oh.

Jauregui aspires to do more as he furthers his education towards college and other career aspirations.

“There’s a lot to come in my life, but the thing I tell everyone about my future is that I am going to make a change, and hopefully one day be the U.S. President.”

The leadership qualities that Jauregui presents enable him to reach such goals. From wrestling to academics, he is the perfect example of a student-athlete and depicts what Ayala brings to a student.