Fight Night: Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Xavier Madsen, Staff Member

The Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley rematch will be happening on December 18th, although this was not what was originally planned. Originally the fight was supposed to pin Jake Paul against Tommy Fury, a professional boxer for three years, as well as a sibling to Tyson Fury, two-time world heavyweight champion, but he dropped out due to a medical reason. This fight was heavily anticipated due to it being Paul’s first fight with a current professional boxer. However, sadly that won’t happen for the foreseeable future.

Everyone is bound to react differently to different situations, Fury’s dropout is no different. Junior Zachary Miyasato shared his theory on the event that perspired that was a little outlandish.

“I think that Tyron Woodley might have been paid by Jake Paul’s team, so he could keep his current undefeated record,” Miyasato said.

Junior Priscila Martinez also shared her thoughts on the matter as well, with more reason behind it.

“I don’t understand why because win or lose he would have been getting paid a good amount. So I think his dropout was an actual medical reason or he was just afraid of losing to a non-boxer and getting made fun of for it,” Martinez said.

Junior Alexander Yee also shared his opinion on Woodley’s withdrawal. 

“I think that the dropout was genuine because I think that Tommy Fury would have won the match due to his back,” Yee said.

Despite the opponent switching out in the upcoming fight, Paul has had some good fights, ones that come down to a split decision at the end. Miyasato shared his remarks on which fight he thought was the best.

“I think Jake Paul’s best opponent was Tyron Woodley the first time because he was his first opponent that had boxed previously, although retired, he did win a belt,” Miyasato said.

Miyasato then shared his opinion on who he thought Jake Paul’s best opponent was.

“I think Jake Paul’s best opponent was Tyron Woodley the first time around because Woodley was his first opponent that had boxed professionally before. Also, he had proven skill because he had won a belt and defended it before he retired. As well as, the fight came down to a split decision and you didn’t really know who was going to win,” Miyasato said.