Get Exposed: Ayala Instagram Pages have Taken Over

Ian Gonzalez, Staff Member

This year multiple trends have been set by Tik Tok. One of these trends is to create pages for schools surrounding one topic. Some will be about students sleeping and another is about bad student parking. These pages have brought controversy on whether or not it is an invasion of privacy or just a fun page to have a good laugh. With most of the pages accepting a DM for removal of a post. But the school seems to still be against the pages and wants their removal. 

Junior Spencer Schuler believes that there is a balance between a post that is appropriate for the page and others that are not. “ The post of people sending in their own pictures is fine. But when they are people that had no idea a photo was taken it is not,”  said Schuler. There has also been a page about the teachers of Ayala.

“That page is kind of creepy. This is a bad use of the page. You can clearly tell the photo is taken without their permission. I feel like there is a balance that the pages need to find of what is and isn’t appropriate” said Schuler. Are these pages good or bad for the student learning experience?

Senior Dillion Franke follows most of the school pages. “ I think a lot of the pages are harmless. But some make me feel uncomfortable at school,” said Franke. “ Right now there is a page about feet. It makes me worry if someone will post mine on the page. Also, the page about sleeping makes me very paranoid.” said Franke.

“ It makes you wonder what is next. How long until this trend is taken too far,” said Franke. The school seems to agree with Franke since they have been proposing the removal of these pages and finding the owners of these pages.