Twilight of Madrigal Feaste


Mateo Cole

Months of preparation have finally arrived, and the choir have given their three day long performance known as Madrigal Feaste, aka Mad Feaste. 

Mad feaste is a wonderful performance where the choir gets together to give a medieval themed show that displays the talents of several choir members. It is an incredibly important performance because this is one of the choir’s biggest performances, and the last one the seniors will be able to do with their fellow classmates. 

“I was the king of Mad Feaste. I think all the performances went insanely well and everyone did amazing. I think everyone had practiced really hard and put their all into each night” senior Amanuel Tilahun says.

Mad Feaste was three hours long, and it presented several different classic songs from the renaissance era, with kings, queens, and different royal positions. 

“My favorite part is when everyone starts crying during the silent night. It’s very touching and special to know that the seniors are sharing this last moment for their last mad feaste,” Ayala alumni Sabrina Gorsage says.

The seniors gave it their all as usual, delivering a strong performance. Based on several interviews the performance was incredible. The choir did an incredible job creating such a real renaissance feeling, and fitting in perfectly with the holiday spirit. 

“Lots of fun! We all get to talk quietly backstage, and hang out with people we wouldn’t normally see every day!” senior Sydney Reyes says.

Despite the setbacks created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the performance went off without a hitch. Each and every one of the four day performances gave a special feeling to the audience, but with more than enough room for improvement for next year’s seniors!

“Everyone should go and enjoy some quality music to get in the Christmas spirit!” Gorsage says.