Risha Trivedi & Evelyn Liu: embracing community service


Lindsay Shen

The Bulldogs of Ayala are truly diverse, with different aspects of each student, strengths and weaknesses, hobbies and activities. Although there are countless students with a story to tell, two particular students, Risha Trivedi and Evelyn Liu, have made quite an impact on the Ayala community. Despite the newfound changes in the world, these two students continue to successfully thrive and create an inclusive environment for others, which further encourages students to follow this example.

Senior Risha Trivedi, has a lot to teach about her experience at Ayala. Trivedi is involved in multiple clubs and organizations, and also maintains officer roles. Some of these activities include Friend in Me, Mock Trial, National Honors Society, United Student Body, FBLA, Debate, and California Scholarship Federation.

When asked what benefits were received by contributing so much time to the school, Trivedi’s answer was simple. “I don’t receive any direct benefits from making an impact, but I think by helping the community it reflects back onto the parts of the community which you are involved with.” She also emphasized how important it is to get involved. “It gives back to your community and will give you an opportunity to do something which isn’t purely academic during high school.”

Although she may not have as much time in high school left, she continues to have high expectations for herself to better the circumstances and make change at Ayala. Trivedi said that in her last year of high school, “I want to continue to take part in all of the organizations I am a part of and find more ways to reach out!”

Rather than focusing on what is done in high school, it is more important to think about how community service will benefit the future outside of high school. “By focusing on different aspects of involvement throughout my time on campus, I realized that I can make a greater impact than I realize.”

The clear knowledge Trivedi has gained during her high school career sheds light on the importance of staying involved and reaching out to others. Junior Evelyn Liu has done just that.

Liu has made a large impact in a small amount of time. She finds ways to promote the inclusion of students while maintaining her own personal activities even in today’s world.

One of the accomplishments Liu hopes to make an impact with is the club she and fellow junior, Soraya Corydon, created together: Ayala Multicultural Society Club or AMSC.

Although many clubs exist at Ayala, Liu and Corydon’s club distinctly strives to rid the barriers between many different types of people. “Multicultural Society is a club that strives toward closing the cultural gap between our students by creating a safe place for members to express and educate one another on their cultures,” said Liu. “This mutual respect and understanding towards one another not only helps unify our Bulldogs, but also helps them become nonjudgmental leaders in society.”

Most students at Ayala are part of an organization, but these clubs cannot be started without the minds behind the scenes. Liu talks about the processes that occur when planning meetings as well as how to keep meetings fresh and entertaining for each member. “With the help of my amazing officer board, we are able to, as a team, come up with many ideas that are able to benefit our club,” said Liu.

Similarly to Trivedi, Liu has an extensive amount of involvement in both school and extracurricular activities. Regardless of the reasoning behind getting involved in communities, many things are unanimous. Just as Trivedi had previously said, Liu’s reasoning for being involved was to help create change, no matter how small. “I hope that one day I can leave Ayala knowing that my club was able to positively impact at least one person.”

These two students may have remarkable accomplishments, but this is not what the true importance of getting involved is. There is no solid definition of what a “good” or “bad” student should look like. Liu and Trivedi are just two examples out of many exemplary students at Ayala who have stories to tell.