Runner’s Set: 2022 Track Preseason


By: Joshua Lee

Joshua Lee

Mateo Cole, Staff Member

As we leave 2021 behind, 2022 brings in the spring season sports, and for track and field, the Ayala Bulldogs are aiming to repeat the success from last year.

This year, the school’s track and field athletes are hard at work, and the work they are putting in during the preseason shows. Take the distance team and last week’s time trial for example, a race with tons of new personal records. 

“I think the time trial went pretty well,” junior track athlete Chris Sydnor’s said. “With many factors affecting it, including injury, sickness, and traffic along the outskirts of the track, our team still managed to run sub ten efforts around the board showing the consistency of that top six out of seven.”

While it is never a one hundred percent indicator for the rest of the season, starting off strong with good times and an even better mentality, this could very well be a sign for a great season. A positive attitude going into the season, it can lead to confidence that is oftentimes necessary in the world of athletics. 

“Some hopes for this season is to make it to CIF prelims again and possibly to CIF finals,” junior track athlete Roxanne Erhig said. “I run track because I love the feeling after a race or a hard workout of accomplishment and altogether is a great stress reliever.”

The previous track season many of Ayala’s athletes were able to qualify for CIF preliminaries (prelims), and with what seems to be stronger more experienced athletes, there could be even more athletes attending prelims this coming May. However this all depends on the work ethic of each athlete. But some athletes have different goals. 

“To give it my all and know that I pushed it every race,” freshman track athlete Owen Rhodes said.

Some athletes have specific goals in mind, others focus more on the present and how their actions now benefit the team. But, there are worries amongst the athletes, worries that were a small stain from last year.

“I have a big worry of COVID ruining the season in fact I believe it is already affecting it,” said Sydnor. “Our team started off rough training with a constant group that consisted of only two of our top guys while all the others stayed home sick with the virus. With that being said I believe we are a strong enough team to make it through this season and continue the hard work that makes us such the great team we are.”

Students of Ayala will just have to wait and see as the beginning of the Track season creeps closer each day. These athletes have a lot on their plate, many with hopes of furthering their career, so as a school the best thing possible is to bring support to each of the races.

“I do hope to run in college. I love being part of a team, it’s like having another family,” said Erhig.