Ukraine and Russia: What you need to know right now


Shriya Bikumalla

Vladamir Putin, President of Russia, declared war on Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, is determined to fight back.

Shriya Bikumalla

February 24, 2022. The day that terror was brought upon the country of Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine to restore the glory of the Russian empire. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, believes that Russia should obtain all the countries along its border. Putin assumed that he would not be questioned due to Europe’s dependence on Russian oil. As Ukraine has NATO connections, it creates tensions between the two countries. 

The main question others tend to ask about the current predicament is are we, as Americans, prepared for the war’s ripple effects?

As there is a war currently occurring, the entire world will be seeking answers to this question. Some feel as if America is not prepared for these effects.

“While we are not as dependent on Russian gas, oil, and trade as Europe, we still feel the effects of higher energy prices and rising inflation in our everyday lives,” AP US History teacher Matthew Ellington said. 

In recent news, gas prices have risen dramatically going from approximately $3 in Chino Hills to $6. Citizens from various countries are able to feel the ripple effects of this war, even if it is not as intense as others may be facing. Yet, to be best prepared for the ultimate worst case scenario, the government will likely rethink international security and how they can respond to future Russian aggression. 

Others desperately need to know the outcome of the war and who will win. Based on Russia’s advanced technology and huge military, many do not see Ukraine as competition. However, Ukraine’s willpower and dedication to winning is impeccable as their mentality makes them willing to die for their country. As the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is fighting at the front lines and leading his country.

“Ukraine can win if they buy enough time for the sanctions to kick in and ruin Russia’s economy,” freshman Mihir Mandapaka said. 

Currently, Ukraine is receiving aid from the Western world, including supplies, ammunition, and weapons, which will help further the possibility of the victory of Ukraine. 

The aftermath of a war always holds a bittersweet feeling as people are happy the war is over, yet then people truly have the time and mind space to grieve those they lost.

 “Many [are going] to suffer some form of anxiety or fear due to trauma,” junior Charlize Avila said. 

A common side effect that soldiers and civilians suffer from is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as they become filled with terror. The only ways we can start helping, as we have no direct way of aiding Ukraine, is by being educated and donating to legitimate organizations, which is extremely helpful. 

In reality, this war is completely unnecessary; if Vladimir Putin chose peaceful ways to resolve the conflict he constructed in his head, the innocent lives of children, hardworking laborers, parents, and grandparents would not have to be lost to the ideology of Russia. Acting out of rage is irrational as this is the second time Russia has attacked Ukraine, first being in 2014.