Meeting the freshman Class Officer candidates


Dania Nasreldeen

The faces of the freshman Class Officers.

Dania Nasreldeen

The Class Officer position has been talked about many times, but not everyone knows what it is or who’s running. Class Officers are a special section of USB, that doesn’t necessarily have to have USB participants. It’s a great opportunity to contribute to the school and great for college applications. It’s also a big commitment, one that several candidates have decided to run for. This article is here to help you  decide who to pick instead of guessing on your votes. Campaigning is hard work, so this article is here to help you get a sense on who you want to vote for. Remember this campaign is for next year, meaning whoever wins will take up their position for the duration of the next school year. There are four positions, President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Social Chairperson. Each position has plenty of candidates, so to vote accurately, make sure to read about each candidate in the sections below. 

President Candidates

Malaia Reger

What do I hope to accomplish? “I have the personality, the experience, and the know-how that it takes to be President. I stand by the term “positivity is contagious” and I make it my goal to bring a smile or happiness to everyone I meet. I have experience from 6 years of activity in Leadership and Renaissance classes. As your current President I know how to act as the voice of the class. I know how to perform the numerous tasks that the Presidential position handles. Being president is no easy job but voting for me ensures that our high school experience will continue to be the incredible time we are already having!”

Who am I? “I have been involved in a leadership class for 6 years now and I have held numerous officer positions such as spirit leader and President. I am a dancer and have been dancing for 12 years. My studio performs at senior homes, schools, and charity events. I love to read and hang out with friends and I try to spread positivity to those around me!”

Jeremiah Park

What do I hope to accomplish? “I’ll be doing my best to get in touch with student needs and have constant conversations to make sure those needs are met. I don’t want to only paint posters, they’re obviously important, but I think the most important things are to build the student community, increase school spirit, increase participation, and to make students feel more involved and like they matter.”

Who am I? “I like to read, play guitar, and draw, which means I have more free time to fully dedicate to my job.”

Katie Anali Trinh

What do I hope to accomplish? “I would love to lead this class with dignity and purpose. I have great visions for the Class of 2025 and I have many leadership qualities that make me fit for this position, but most importantly, I want to emphasize student involvement.”

Who am I? “I’m a student athlete, I’m in Operation Smile Club, and I’m in Key Club. I was a Safe School Ambassador for 3 years and I have a creative mind.” 

Vice President Candidates

Rose Ann Aure

What do I hope to accomplish? “As Vice President, my main goal is to have Class of 2025 student connection and to promote more school spirit. If I’m elected, I’ll do my job to step in for my fellow officers or any other peers.”

Who am I? “I’m on the cheer team and I’m involved with four different Ayala clubs. I also have Leadership and Safe School Ambassador experience.”

Secretary/Treasurer Candidates

Jackie Galindo

What do I hope to accomplish?I want to be a friend to every student at Ayala, especially the Class of 2025. I want to be there for them and I want them to come to me if they have any questions about any current activities. I want to be the person there to answer their questions and be there for them. If they ever have anything to say, I want them to come to me because I’ll keep it confidential and help out.”

Who am I? “Last semester, I was on the cross country team. Currently, I am the class of 2025 Secretary and I’m also in the Beginning Mix Choir, which is very exciting. Next year, I plan on joining cross country and being there for track season.”

Jacklyn Mendez

What do I hope to accomplish? “I would love to create a sense of inclusiveness, making people feel like they belong here and are heard. I would love to help students make memories that will last a lifetime and I like to help the community.”

Who am I? “Drawing is one of my favorite pastimes. I’m a part of various clubs including WCC and Leo Club, which I do several service hours for. Most of all, I will dedicate my time to this position and to serving you.”

Jeshua Hennerty

What do I hope to accomplish?First off, I want to say good luck to all of the candidates who are running! Putting yourself out there isn’t easy; I’m proud of us! Like any good leader, I am smart, hardworking, and a problem solver. What sets me apart is that I’m fearless. I will always do what’s right, versus what’s easy. My vision is to promote a culture on campus where every student feels like they belong and are heard, but can still be unique and accepted. If this is something you believe, vote for me, Jeshua Hennerty.”

Who am I? “I’m Jeshua, but you can call me Jesh. I think I’m a pretty laid-back and friendly person. To be honest, if you get to know me, you’ll find out I’m really just a nerdy kid at heart. I’m a scholar athlete. I played on the freshman football team and I am currently playing on the freshman baseball team. I also participate in the ACE and Spanish club. Outside of school, I’m known for my social media accounts on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. When I’m not creating content, I enjoy PC gaming, reading Manga, working out, and taking care of my animals. If you enjoy any of these things, hit me up!”

Social Chairperson Candidates

Dania Nasreldeen

What do I hope to accomplish? “I want to be able to continue to contribute to the success of the staff, students, and overall school community. I think it’s most important to increase student expression. I’m the journalist writing this article and I love writing new articles and expressing myself and personality through them (look up my name to view my other articles). I also think my experience and responsibility make me the ideal candidate because I understand how the job works and I know how to best suit student expectations as well as student involvement. It’s very important to stay prepared and ready to serve the students of Ayala and meet all their needs, whether it’s better spirit days, a safer campus, or looking for a better sense of belonging.”

Who am I? “I love books, listening to music, singing, watching TV, and all around humor. I also am the preexisting Social Chair for this school year, so I’d like to keep my job. I am the founder of TV Club and a journalist for Journalism Club as well as a member of Polynesian Dance Club (watch me and my fellow club members perform at the rally, 3/17). I have Renaissance and Safe School Ambassador experience as well. I sometimes play soccer on the side and I applied to volunteer twice a week at the library. Even with my busy schedule, I still miraculously manage to have at least 2 hours of free time. If you don’t believe me, just ask my friends. So I can fully promise you, I have the time for the people who need me most, the students.”

Sophia Dinh

What do I hope to accomplish? “To be voted as Social Chair, I envision leading the class of 2025 with responsibility, integrity, and positivity. My main goal is to create an inclusive atmosphere where students feel safe and a part of Ayala. I intend to dedicate my time to focus attention on inclusion and unity so it becomes prevalent throughout.”

Who am I? “I am a student athlete involved in sports, clubs, and much more. You may see me out on the field, playing varsity soccer here at Ayala or on the track, training for Ayala meets. Aside from sports, I am a part of several clubs that are involved in community service. Other than that, I have many other hobbies that I enjoy pursuing but being a Class Officer is the next step I want to take to be more involved at Ayala,  represent my fellow classmates, and create a fun high school experience for them.”

These are options, so get to deciding! Campaign week was from Monday the 14th through Thursday the 17th. Solidify your pick for voting starts Friday the 18th until Sunday.

Voting at To login, student email name WITHOUT the will be the username and student’s 9-digit ID number is the password.

Results will be announced on the 21st, so vote and hope your candidate wins!