Ayala seniors work with the city of Chino Hills for Student Government Day


Naomi Lopez

Ayala participants posing in their professional attire for Student Government Day.

Naomi Lopez

On February 23, students from across the district were able to spend the day shadowing the Chino Valley Unified School Board, the City Council, or school administration by serving as principal for the day. Students were either nominated or volunteered to participate in Student Government Day.

This day offered students a unique opportunity to learn more about local government systems, how they work, and whether they’d be interested in pursuing a career in government and administration.

I was the principal at Canyon Hills. I got to do the announcements, talk with students, and walk around the campus and meet the teachers,” senior Sydney Reyes said. I loved it! I was lucky enough to get to give advice to a group of eighth grade girls about high school. All of the kids were so sweet, and I’m so grateful for this experience as a whole,” said Reyes. 

Reyes, who has been considering working within the Chino Hills Community Service Sector, saw this as an amazing opportunity to see behind the scenes. However, there were other activities presented during Student Government Day.  

“The most interesting thing I learned was that City Council meetings are free discussions between our Council members,” senior Risha Trivedi said. The City Council members use their best judgment in order to determine what they believe would be the best course of action for whatever they are discussing or debating that day.”

Not only were students able to explore the inner-workings of the school systems, but others like Trivedi were able to shadow members of the City Council. Trivedi specifically shadowed the Vice Mayor Peter Rogers, which was an amazing chance to examine how decisions in government are made and how leaders operate on a daily basis.

I was principal for a day at Eagle Canyon Elementary School,” senior Emily Diep said. While I was only able to stay for half the day, it was an extremely insightful experience that demonstrated the unknown inner workings of a school. As a student, we never really know what is happening behind the scenes and this experience highlighted that there is always a large support group working to provide the best for the students.”

Students don’t often acknowledge the processes of keeping a school afloat, hence why Student Government Day can be so insightful. Learning that there are groups of people who are determined to take care of children in schools can be uplifting, considering that it may not always feel that way. Not only that, but this day also served as an opportunity to display career opportunities for young students who are struggling to find their paths in this world.

“While I’m not completely sure about going into government, I do think it’s something I may be interested in for my future plans,” said Trivedi.