Olivia Rodrigo’s “driving home 2 u”: everything you need to know


Created by Sayee Deshmukh

Sayee Deshmukh

Olivia Rodrigo, at just 18 years old, is already considered a household name by many and was crowned this generation’s IT pop musician, with her name being mentioned along long-time successful musicians like Taylor Swift and Lorde.

The singer is releasing a documentary, titled driving home 2 u, which will be released to Disney+ on March 25, 2022. The documentary will go into detail about the process of creating her hit debut album SOUR, as well as the memories tied with writing the album. Rodrigo also plans to talk about her life as a young woman, as well as having to navigate through the music scene as a young and fresh face to the industry.

The documentary is expected to be a success, as Rodrigo has built a highly loyal and supportive fan-base. Many of her fans can relate to her lyrics, as her songs give an authentic view on romance, heartbreak, and angst that anyone from their teens to early twenties can sympathize with.

“Other than her phenomenal voice, her lyrics and personality make it so hard not to love her. She was so down to earth,” said sophomore Madison Kaylor, who has met Rodrigo in person before. “She is a beyond talented songwriter and has the sweetest personality.”

Rodrigo’s debut album SOUR, broke multiple records, such as being the first debut album in history to spawn two number-one debuts on the top 100 chart. The album also broke the global Spotify record for biggest opening week for an album by a female artist. This has brought massive success to Rodrigo, as she was the first artist in history to debut their first three singles in the top 10 of the hot 100, songs “Good 4 U,” “Driver’s License,” and “Deja Vu” being three of Rodrigo’s most streamed songs.

As a Filipino woman of color, she has been able to accomplish quite the feat by claiming all of these milestones in such a short span of time.

“She’s so humble and sweet, and really cares about her fans which is so inspiring,” said sophomore Jordyn Campbell.

driving home 2 u is something that any Rodrigo enthusiast should look forward to, as the documentary will feature intimate interviews, new arrangements of her hit songs, and a never before seen image of Rodrigo working in and out of the studio on SOUR.

Perhaps the most interesting and eye-catching aspect of the documentary will be that it will debut a new song from Rodrigo, reportedly in its ending credits.

“I’m so excited to see her on Disney again and so excited to hear her sing!” said Campbell, alluding to Rodrigo’s star-making role on the Disney+ show High School Musical: The Musical: The Show.

driving home 2 u is a documentary that fans of Rodrigo will enjoy, and others outside of her fan-base may enjoy as well, as it is an intimate perspective on a young, female, global superstar, which will certainly capture the hearts of many.