Ayala wins their 5th straight Battle for the Bone game against Chino Hills

Trina Lizama, Staff Writer

With tensions high and as excitement fills the air, the Bulldogs and Huskies went head to head in their rival game at Chino Hills High School. Ayala took the win in a nail biting 4th quarter, making the final score 20-19. 

Ayala took the early lead in the 1st quarter by scoring a field goal and holding Chino Hills into the 2nd. As both teams went back and forth in the first half of the 2nd quarter, Ayala’s defense made a Pick 6 and led Ayala to get ahead 10-0. With the Huskies being eager to put some points on the board, they make a comeback 4yd rushing touchdown, putting them at 10-7. 

After the half, with the win being up for grabs, Chino Hills kicked 2 field goals, ending the 3rd quarter in the lead 10-13. As the game winds down to the 4th quarter, Ayala rushes a touchdown to regain their lead 17-13.


Ayala – 3 | 7 | 0 | 10 | ~ 20

Chino Hills – 0 | 7 | 6 | 6 | ~ 19


With Chino Hills in possession of the ball and hoping to close the 4 point gap, they failed to make up the points and caused Ayala to take control again. The Bulldogs kick another field goal, making a potentially game winning lead of 20-13. The Huskies fight back to make the game close as the Bulldogs lead, with their QB rushing a touchdown and trying for a 2 point conversion. With high hopes on the Huskies side to break the Bulldogs win streak, Ayala’s defense stops Chino Hills from gaining the lead, keeping the score at 20-19 and ultimately keeping their win streak title.  

Ayala’s 5th consecutive Battle for the Bone win elevates them to 5-0 on the season, setting them up for their homecoming game a week from the day against Citrus Valley. Chino Hills will play on the same September 23rd night, an away game against Foothill where they try to end their 2-game skid after starting the season 3-0.