[Review] “Dahmer”: the story of evil

Kim Flores, Historian, Staff Writer

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is rated R for extreme graphic content, language, substances, and sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was released on Sep 21, 2022 on Netflix by its creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. This show left viewers in shock and disgusted by the actions of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, feeling immense pain for the victims’ families. After watching the first episode, viewers were left completely speechless. The cast was able to put on their best acting masks and made the show easy to binge watch. The story was told very well and the action isn’t repetitive.

As Dahmer grew up he felt very neglected by his family, his parents were in constant arguments, on a daily basis. His mother, Joyce, suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety. Lionel, his father, was always away from home due to work, leaving the kids with little to no attention.

Dahmer’s interest in dissections began as a little boy when he would dissect roadkill in his shed with his father. Dahmer would be aroused by the intestines of the animals, initially lighting the fuse for what he was about to do next. Dahmer went on a rampage and killed 17 men. Dahmer’s style of killing usually started with him going out to bars late at night and convincing men into going home with him, where he then would drug them. He would say that they would get paid to do things, such as taking photographs. From there, Dahmer would kill them by using different tools like a sledgehammer, saws, a hatchet, hypodermic needles and knives, as well as drill-bits that Dahmer used to drill holes in the foreheads of the victims he lured in. Not only did Dahmer torture his victims in this malicious manner, he would consume them. 

The different actors each played their roles perfectly. The different changes of tones in their voices and movements would show the emotions and urgency of the situation. Glenda Cleveland (Niecy Nash) would often call the police and report an unbearable stench from Dahmer’s apartment. She would complain of the constant screams and sounds of powertools in the middle of the night. Dahmer would blame the smell of pork chops that had gone bad in his refrigerator. Glenda knew what was truly happening behind those walls, but no one listened to her. 

The different episodes each showcased the stories of the victims and how Dahmer lured them into his possession. Dahmer would act nonchalant but he was still submissive enough to seem innocent. The viewers were awed by how easy it was to lure them into his trap. As the viewer knew of Dahmer’s intentions they would feel disgusted by what he was going to do. In the beginning of his killings Dahmer would take them to a motel and drug them, eventually he would take them to his apartment and do his dirty work there. 

Glenda Cleveland is an important person in this story. After not being heard after multiple calls and ignored by the cops, the police department gave Dahmer an easy chance to kill. In one instance, Glenda Cleveland pleaded that Dahmer didn’t take the child, “his boyfriend” back to his apartment. Glenda tried everything she could, but she couldn’t save this kid’s life. After her side of the story was heard the officers were laid aside for a while and she was finally heard. She became known and people praised her for doing all she could to try to stop the vicious killer. 

The ways of this infamous killer have left many unable to forgive him for his actions. More lives could have been saved if voices were heard. Jeffrey got sentenced to 15 years of life imprisonment. Many still think he should have had a greater punishment. Viewers of this show are now more aware of who they take drinks from, and stay safe.