Bulldogs of Ayala: The Charitable And Changing, Carol Nasr (12)

Adrielle Kristine Dumandan, Staff Reporter

Helping others, getting involved, shining positivity— that’s the goal for Carol Nasr (12), a leader of the many charitable and gracious organizations on the school’s campus. Carol, a senior here at Ruben S. Ayala High School, is one of Ayala Renaissance’s publicity leaders, president of CSF (California Scholarship Federation), student advocate for ITS (International Thespian Society), secretary of Psychology Club and NHS (National Honors Society), president for TWR (Together We Rise), officer for SSA (Safe School Ambassadors), and she founded the Bulldog Buddies club.. the list goes on. Her whole life, she has sought, and still continues, to guide others towards success and the goals they aspire to achieve.

Carol Nasr’s routinely charismatic characteristics are inspired primarily by friends and classmates from her 7th and 8th grade leadership experience, particularly her middle school leadership advisor, who urged Carol to get involved with school events. From that point on, Nasr has carried the insight from the many individuals involved in her life, growing her enthusiasm for connections one step at a time.

“Every year as I progress through school, I just meet someone new that gives me a new idea or helps me get even more involved or do something that I feel even more passionate about,” Carol says. 

Within her optimum, Nasr hopes to always be of assistance to those who feel incapable or need support throughout the struggles happening in their lives. Patiently and attentively, Carol stands by, always willing to add a glint of sunshine on one’s cloudy day— whether it’s pre-test stress, post-exam frights, or simply just a rough day at home or school, she’s always the one to call.

“I don’t want people to be stuck in a helpless position. So if I can do something to make it better, if I can add something to someone’s day, I find that it just makes life a little bit easier for us all,” Nasr explains.

However, while innumerable clubs and organizations are undoubtedly enjoyable and enlightening majority of the time, Carol Nasr inevitably faces the struggle of overwhelming amounts of responsibilities throughout the campus to organize. Scrambling upon priorities and tasks leaves Nasr with little to no time for whatever follows after.

“The biggest obstacle is finding what I want to do— how can I manage my time, and then how can I make this happen and be successful?– not just on myself but with other people around me,” Carol adds.

Luckily, despite occasional chaos from overwhelming amounts of duties from clubs, committees and school in general, Carol maintains confidence through her utmost expertise— communication with others. Those who have been acquainted with Carol Nasr are definitely familiar with her bright and accommodating insight, minor or large.

Nasr exemplifies, “communication is my biggest skill and the key to my life… because I really couldn’t have gone anywhere without the ability to reach out and communicate with others. All the skills that I keep on building and growing in to achieve goals got me to where I’m at in my leadership involvement.”

Naturally, Carol doesn’t do this solo. Staying close to her family and her dearest friends, Nasr discovers the ideas and dreams of others, while longing to make their dreams become reality. Thus, regardless of troubles and hardships, she maintains motivation through the well-known life motto, “No Pain No Gain”.

“No pain, no gain because we’re suffering. There’s school, and I always use it in an exercise sense; you’re suffering but you know you’re going to feel better tomorrow or you’re going to feel better later on.”