The excitement of Rolling Ridge’s Trunk or Treat Festival


Dallas Mangold

Children and adults of all ages got to enjoy the attractions, food, and games that were offered by Rolling Ridge Elementary School’s annual Trunk or Treat Festival

Dallas Mangold, Staff Writer

This past Friday, Rolling Ridge Elementary School held its annual Trunk or Treat Festival. Parents and teachers put on the festival in the school’s blacktop area, and the festival consisted of food vendors, a picture area, inflatables, games, and a DJ with live music. Kids came dressed up in their costumes, while parents came with their cars decorated and ready to hand out candy. This year’s Trunk or Treat, however, was different, with the event being bigger and better than ever.

Teachers were astonished and blown away by the amount of effort put in and how big the festival turned out. Rolling Ridge recently had a change in their principal, and to say the least, she decided to go all out. Principal JuliAnn Lopez funded the use of inflatables for this year’s festival, additionally adding more food vendors and the ability to buy better prizes for the raffles they hold. This was the first big styled fair at Rolling Ridge since 2019, before COVID-19 protocols forced the school to enforce heavy restrictions. This year, as restrictions were lifted, the school and PTA had more freedom in organizing the event. The whole point of going big wasn’t to show off, but rather to bring the community closer together with a spot where kids can have fun and parents can socialize. 

“It’s about community and bringing back families, so I’m excited that we’re back. It’s all about our Rolling Ridge family, families in general, and our Rolling Ridge community,” said fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Bearden. 

How could Rolling Ridge manage to work so many games, vendors, and miscellaneous stands? The answer is; with a lot of volunteers. Volunteers from all around the city and of all ages came to assist. Volunteers wore bright green shirts and would work booths, games, or tables outside with the trunk or treaters. Rolling Ridge PTA was all hands on deck, recruiting more than 40 volunteers to work the festival. This was good for teachers, as for the first time in years they could get a load off and enjoy the festival with their kids. 

Volunteers were mostly high school students, most of which attended the middle school across the street, Canyon Hills Junior High. 

“I went to the middle school across the street and so I grew up watching the festivals but never went so I wanted to help,” said volunteer and Chino Hills High School student Addison Eifler (10). 

Students at the festival enjoyed all the new additions and the wider variety of things to do. Kids showed up in their costumes or with friends and play games, played around the blacktop, or hung out with friends. Food was the biggest hit with the kids, as many were seen walking around with nachos or “trunk or treating” for candy. 

“This festival was better because of our new principal, I would give it an 8/10,” said 6th grader Anthony Pierson. 

Students, like Pierson, were able to enjoy their last Trunk or Treat festival, more than they were able to in years. The biggest highlights of the festival were the inflatables and the tasty food. Kids and parents will enjoy coming back to Rolling Ridge every year for their annual Trunk or Treat Festival, and who knows, maybe next year will be even better.