Analyzing the Impact of Instability Around the World


Ibrahim Saxe

Inflation is reflected in prices in Chino Hills.

Ibrahim Saxe, Staff Reporter

Instability has gripped the world causing chaos and making governments fluid. Such changes have caused economic problems and strained the global economy, leading to riots. 

In many former French colonies people have risen up against their government to support an independent policy. The Center for Strategic and International Studies, says the French withdrawal has allowed other nations notability Russia to gain influence in the region as fighting has increased in the country. 

Recently the British government fell with Liz Truss resigning and Rishi Sunak replacing her. He becomes the fourth Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to assume power without an election according to Oxford University. Such instability can be seen across Europe with the Italian Prime Minister recently resigning as well after his governing coalition fell apart according to CNBC. The upcoming election in the US is also expected to close, and it’s possible that the government will fall, leading to dreadlocks.

Instability has also been seen in economics, inflation in the US has risen to 8.2% percent according to Statista. Many families are struggling to make ends meet with levels of inflation not seen in forty years. According to Bank of America mortgage rates for 30 years are just under 7 percent and rising pricing out many from being able to afford a new home. The Department of Agriculture, states that food prices are expected to rise ten percent this year and five percent next year, putting a strain on the food supply, with the more basic foods being the highest; milk prices have risen 27% in the past year. 

Instability has also affected Chino Hills. With crime rising and the recent stabbing in the 99 Ranch Market according to the Chino Champion as many people look for alternatives to buying pricey food. An increase in crime has also been seen over time these past few years in Chino Hills according to the Chino Champion. In the upcoming elections the instability has led some to run a write-in campaign like Elizabeth G. McDougall according to the Chino Champion. The school board elections are coming up in Chino Valley, the board has swung back and forth between more liberal and more conservtive control. The vote this year is expected to be close according to the Daily Bulletin