Breast Cancer Awareness Month Info

Trina Lizama, Staff Reporter

October has many days or weekends dedicated to bringing awareness to all types of identities, mental health and overall health. One of its main topics being breast cancer. There are a lot of women out there who aren’t really sure how to check for breast cancer or just simply believe it won’t happen to them. But there is a 1 in 8th chance women could get it before they are 45. Although it is not very common, men can develop breast cancer. Again, it is more likely to happen with men over 60 but there is a chance that younger men could develop it. 

Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in women in the US. Breast cancer is caused by DNA mutations. As women get older their chances of getting breast cancer increase. Most women find out they have breast cancer by doing self- exams and reporting it to their doctors to do further tests. 

With doing self exams, you have to be familiar with how your chest feels and looks overall. Although it may be awkward to do, it could be very helpful in keeping yourself safe and healthy. To learn more about how to conduct a self-exam, click here to read more.

Breast cancer nonprofit organizations are very important for spreading valuable information and raising money for research. Many nonprofits don’t get the recognition they need to provide the pro[per information to others. There are many nonprofit organizations on instagram and websites to help educate those who are battling breast cancer or have concerns. It is also important to keep an eye out for the organizations that are scams. Though it is an awful thing that people try to get money out of a sensitive topic. 

As many are aware, the color of the ribbon for breast cancer is pink. It could be interpreted in many ways. Females have been associated with the color pink since birth. Pink has this fun and playful vibe that most breast cancer patients try to keep while going through their treatments. 

Breast cancer is a topic that is talked about but not very many people are educated on. Women’s health care is one of the most dismissed and especially for people of color. With the limited research done about it, it is hard for those that are diagnosed to be heard. As October comes to an end, make sure to check out ways to help more nonprofits and to spread credible information about breast cancer.