[Review] “My Policeman”: Harry Styles’ poignant period-piece


Valina Ly

“My Policeman” is now being featured at Harkins Theater.

Valina Ly

The new film adaptation of the 2012 novel, My Policeman written by Bethan Roberts, has come to theaters with a sensational cast. Set in the 1950’s, it shows a tragic love triangle between main characters that is greatly shown through the eyes of the director, Micheal Grandeage.

Throughout the movie you see the love triangle involving Tom Burgess played by both Harry Styles and Linus Roache, Patrick Hazelwood played by David Dawson and Rupert Everette, and Marion Taylor played by Emma Corrin and Gina McKee. The movie is a display of wasted time and love as it starts with the point of view of their older selves and switches off between the times. The film gives the two points of views of Patrick Hazelwood and Marion Taylor as the two timelines are smoothly woven together even with extremely different eras.

(Spoilers discussed below.)

While showing the start of the relationships in the 1950’s, viewers are first introduced to Tom and Marion’s enchanting  connection. Along with their relationship, they form a strong bond with a man named Patrick.  Viewers also learn about homosexuality and the risks of identifying as such during its illegal time period. Even with the risks and dangers, the plot follows the progression of the love affair between Patrick and Tom. As it progresses Partick begins to get worried that Tom will leave him when he announces he does fancy Marion expects to marry her. 

The trouble begins when Marion figures out about the affair and is triggered with the thought of her husband as a homosexual. Soon after, Patrick is anonymously reported and arrested for being said as a homosexual. That results in Tom being put at risk and deciding to find a new job with Marion for his safety, while she tries to fix their relationship.

Meanwhile in the current time period of the 90’s, Patrick is out of jail and is disabled after suffering from a stroke. Marion has taken Patrick into her and Tom’s home which will allow her to help take care of him. Tom isn’t supportive over this decision as he won’t listen or help with Patrick. His reasoning for his actions is because of how ashamed he is about their past affairs. Due to Marion being upset about Tom not cooperating, a fight breaks out, as she later reveals her secret of being the one to send the anonymous letter that sent Patrick to jail.

During the fight she begs Tom to help Patrick and tells him how their marriage has never worked out. Once Tom is able to talk to Patrick, they are able to reconcile as the movie ends with their newfound relationship and love for one another.