Thanksgiving is being overlooked: Santa keeps beating turkeys in the fight for November


Adrielle Dumandam

Retail stores quickly skip the Thanksgiving holiday in turn for the highly desirable Christmas season. If stores were to slightly postpone these decorations, then more people would value the gifts of Thanksgiving.

Jacob Harper, Staff Writer

The spooky season has ended, one of the best holidays that people have been anticipating for months has finally come to an end, and now the next holiday is coming up. Ladies and gentlemen get ready for, Christmas?

It is only mid-November and stores and decorations are already hung up on the Christmas season. Now November is the month that holds the holiday Thanksgiving, so why are people already overlooking the holiday when Christmas is still about 2 months away? Now Christmas is the best time of the year of course, and it is understandable why people would be anticipating the holiday, even an entire month before the holiday, but what about Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is an important holiday where families and friends get together to have a great feast while inside their warm home, plus there are a lot of people who celebrate Thanksgiving, so why is the holiday always overlooked every single year? It could be for a multitude of reasons, like Christmas being a happier time of the year, where Thanksgiving doesn’t include giving or receiving gifts, and people just wanting the winter season to just get started already.

“I love the fact that Thanksgiving is overlooked every year, I love Christmas, I’m always in the Christmas spirit and I can’t wait for this year’s Christmas,” sophomore Noah Martinez said.

It could be because it is harder to sell Thanksgiving decorations, which would include bland colors like orange, brown and gray, and also would include turkeys, pilgrims, and natives. It is probably a lot easier to sell bright colorful lights, Santa Claus blowups, and Christmas trees.

It could also be because of Thanksgiving’s backstory where it was originally celebrated when the English colonist and a group of Native American people called the Wampanoag had gotten together to celebrate a feast, but before the feast the Natives where being kidnapped by different English Colonists, even though the symbolism of Thanksgiving has changed drastically.

Whatever the reason may be, Thanksgiving deserves its recognition and stores and people should wait until Thanksgiving is finished to start selling Christmas decorations for the people to start decorating their homes once it turns December 1st.  However, some students love to get into the spirit months before the actual holiday.

“I don’t really like Thanksgiving and I like the fact that the Christmas season starts so early,” sophomore Samarah Barillas said. 

Some ways that maybe people and companies can stop overlooking Thanksgiving is by not selling Christmas products and more so leaning on selling Thanksgiving decorations like turkeys and pilgrims. At first people don’t want to buy the decorations and will instead look for Christmas decorations, but if more stores start selling Thanksgiving decorations during November, then within a couple of years, Thanksgiving can finally achieve the recognition that it deserves.

But all in all, most students prefer the winter holiday to the bland November feast known as Thanksgiving.

“I am completely fine with Thanksgiving being overlooked, ever since Covid had started Thanksgiving hasn’t been that much fun and I’ve more so just been looking forward to the next upcoming holiday, Christmas,” said sophomore Raylene Soriano.