Bulldogs of Ayala: Debanhy Flores (10) — The journey of a creative mind


Debhany Flores

Debhany Flores (10) poses for her quinceañera, draped in a confetti pink floral gown.

Angelique Taylor , Staff Reporter

Debanhy Flores is a sophomore at Ayala High School, home of the Bulldogs. Coming from Los Angeles with Mexican heritage, she is strong and resilient with big plans ahead. Being level-headed makes life easy. She understands the hardships of life and gets through them without hesitation, striving to be the best version of themself everyday. 

She plans to be a cosmetologist in the makeup industry, she can do just about anything.

Plans set on becoming a cosmetologist in the makeup industry, she’s learned to sharpen the ins and outs of beauty.

She says of her lifelong passion, “Makeup brings a lot of good energy, since being in a tough love-situation household isn’t easy. I’m able to step away from this [while] being able to be creative and myself.”

Her ideal place to learn professionally is in West Covina where many celebrities have harked from. An artist at heart, she finds solace in song writing, a hobby since her younger childhood. 

Debhany loves history, as someone who strives to understand every side of a story, past and present.

If she had to pick a favorite subject, it would be history, its stories of which she drinks in, allows her to transport to a different world, all with the gift of foresight.

She says, “I find [history] very sentimental, something that is meaningful.”

For Debanhy, being authentic and honest is an important moral attribute.

“I don’t like being lied to. I feel like there shouldn’t be a reason to lie [because] the truth is always going to come out one way or another,” she says. “I will be annoyed because I will figure it out.” 

She has her priorities straight in her day to day situations, and she won’t hesitate to tell you that you’re in the wrong, while you have her love and support for your every decision she will guide you in the right direction Debanhy says “If you live with regrets, you’ve never actually lived.” 

She holds true to her values to the end, never hesitating to disagree with a friend or tell them when they’ve crossed the line. Often working multifaceted as both mentor and confidante, she guides her friends toward mutual growth.

A close friend of Debhany’s, who wished to remain anonymous, described her as “the type of person to have your back in any situation: the definition of ‘you scratch my back and I scratch yours'”. He recalls when they opened up to each other about who their crushes were and helped set each other up, calling her his “wingman”.

He emphasizes, “She is also a wildcard, and in the best way possible. If she were brought to a party, she would make it 100 times more fun.”

Debhany brings, embodies the life of the party with her eclectic personality. You are guaranteed to have a great time with her.