Bella Emanuele: Leaving her legacy on the court


Bella Emanuele

Bella Emanuele closes the block with her teammate at a tournament last season.

Olivia Mendoza

The mighty lefty with an unimaginable amount of power is just one of Bella Emanuele’s (11) most admirable traits that has made her a reliable and dominant athlete on any volleyball team. 

At only 5’8, she soars through the air reaching close to 9’6. Throughout her time playing at Forza1 Volleyball Club, out of Ontario, her success as an athlete has led to multiple medal wins, and numerous bids to Junior Nationals each year. 

Her inspiration to start her career first started in hopes of following in her sister’s footsteps, nearly six years ago. 

“I would go to her practices and watch every move that her and her teammates would make which eventually sparked my love for volleyball.” 

With every game she plays, Emanuele has found her spot on the court with a solid starting position. For both high school and club, she records numerous kills and blocks per set making her an offensive and defensive threat for anyone on the opposing side of the net. 

“Bella’s strength from hitting is hands down the best as she has such a powerful and effective swing that scores us a lot of points,” junior volleyball player Neveah Livingston said. “She is a phenomenal athlete who always strives to get better and it truly shows. “

Throughout her club years, Emanuele has traveled to Vegas, Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Kansas City. The endless amount of qualifiers have landed her a 2nd place medal finish in Las Vegas, and a Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) Bid Event 1st place win. 

None of these wins would be possible without playing at Forza, which has crafted her skills to make her the athlete she is today. 

“Forza has taught me not only how to be a good volleyball player, but to be a good teammate, determined, and overall a hard worker,” Emanuele said. “Forza has made a high impact on my life that has changed me for the better.” 

Not only are her physical traits some of which are the most admirable, but her personality on the court always leaves a great impact on her teammates. 

“I love Bella as a person because she always finds a way to make me laugh and is super friendly and can vibe to all the music with me,” senior volleyball player Taylor Ojeda said. “Everytime we are on the court we always have a good time together.” 

During the fall season, Emanuele has become a utility player for the past two years. Ranging from right side, setter, and now a dominant outside hitter, she has managed to lead the team to a top three finish within the Palomares League. 

For the 2021 season, she was awarded Palomares Honorable Mention, and for the most recent year was awarded 2nd Team All-League. 

Emanuele takes most of her inspiration from her older sister, Katrina Emanuele,  who has become her biggest role model within the sport. 

 “Looking up to Katrina taught me that if I don’t push myself for what I want, my dreams will never be achieved.”