Disneyland Sweethearts Night: The Perfect Valentine Gift


Design by Elisabeth Lee

Disneyland Sweetheart Nite is truly a night where love is in the air. It is also a night to enjoy short lines for your favorite rides and low crowds for just a couple of hours.

Trina Lizama, Staff Reporter

Disney is back to hosting their After Dark events. These events are held inside Disneyland or California Adventure and close early for the event being held. One’s only access is if they bought tickets specifically for these events. So far this year, Disney has announced two After Nite events: Sweethearts Nite and Princess Nite. Afterdark events only allow exclusive access to those who purchased a ticket and along with the event you are able to enter the park 3 hours before the event starts. 

Sweethearts Night is on select nights in February aimed towards couples. During this event, there are exclusive activities and foods to try throughout the park. Many of these activities include character interactions, meet and greets, different photo backdrops, and themed food items. A specialized firework display also reigns the show. 

One of the highlights that was anticipated at Sweethearts Night was the Royal Ball. You’ll experience music playing by an amazing band and characters dancing and interacting with guests. You’ll also get an opportunity to dance with the disney couples as well. Some of the couples range from classics, Cinderella and Prince Charming, to somewhat newer characters such as Repunzal and Flynn Rider. 

Just like Christmas time or during other special occasions, different food items and treats are exclusively available. During valentine season, Disney has treats around the park throughout the day and exclusives for the after dark event. Most of these treats and food items are heart shaped, colored pink or red, and are portioned to feed two people. 

Just like a normal day in the park with meeting characters and taking pictures, Sweethearts Night has exclusive characters out and photo backdrops to interact with. Many of which are only exclusive to the event. Some characters that are exclusive at Sweethearts Night are Stitch and Angel and Hercules and Meg. You also have the opportunity to take unlimited pictures that are free to download on the Disneyland app. A variety of photo backgrounds are also exclusive to the event. You are able to take pictures right out of your favorite movie scenes such as, Tangled’s floating lanterns boat and Aladdin’s magic carpet ride. 

With the whole park to cover in just four hours, planning your route and for sure spots you want to hit is crucial. Many people take advantage of the three hours you can enter before the event actually starts, which is 6pm. People take the extra three hours to go on a few rides, get some food, or even shop. With the special event happening, there will also be some construction and closures still being continued. One of the main closures being a walkway in front of the ride, Indiana Jones. Though the restaurant and shop is open there, they closed off the walkway and created more foot traffic in the other walkways near there. 

Whether you are going this year, already attended the event, or planning to go next year, many of the same characters and photo backgrounds will still be there, along with the possible new ones and new foods. A trip to Disney’s Sweethearts Night is a perfect day for you and your significant other or your best friend.