Cell service to improve for Ayala students


Ibrahim Saxe

Cell towers recently installed near Madrugada Trail.

Ibrahim Saxe

Chino Hills City Council has approved three cell towers and up to four more are expected to be approved in the near future. The towers will be for AT&T which would improve service for consumers who use AT&T or DirecTV. AT&T has already deployed temporary measures to increase connectivity as a stop gap measure. The cell towers are expected to appear to be water towers on the outside rather than trees which is more generally used for making them look more natural. This is due to the lack of trees in the areas where the towers are planned to be installed at.

The towers will also be a part of Chino Valleys FirstNet system, the nationwide emergency cellular severance. These towers are expected to increase 911 service on top of paid service in these areas. This will also improve students’ cell service and will increase throughout Chino Hills.

These towers are part of AT&T’s plan that has taken effect with a tower newly installed near Canyon Hills Junior High. However, the Chino Champion reports that the cell tower’s equipment is just a few inches from the Madrugada Trail.