8th Grade Night entices new students to discover their interests


Elaine Kuang

Spanish Club representatives Martin (11) and Miguel Lizardi (10) share their experience in the program with incoming freshmen who show interest in some day joining.

Elaine Kuang, Staff Writer

The air is charged with excitement as incoming freshmen stroll through campus looking at booths that catch their attention. Colorful posters and flyers clustered the tables, bursts of music played in the background, and talented students performed on the library stage. It is a scene of organized chaos with an energy so palpable that it could be selected as the most lively and dynamic event of the school year. 

On March 13th, Ayala High School held the 8th Grade Parent & Student Orientation Night on campus from 5pm to 7pm. The event served as an incredible opportunity for incoming freshmen, parents, and current underclassmen to learn about the clubs, sports, and leadership programs offered at the school. 

There was an impressive amount of featured clubs and sports teams on display, with a total of 57 booths. From the performing arts clubs, to the foreign language booths, to service organizations and sports teams, students and parents learned what each had to offer through the student representatives of each club. 

“They get to know more about high school, clubs, activities, and sports, and why joining our club [will be] helpful for college,” English Language Development (ELD) Club member Namwan Philavong (12) said. 

With the representatives’ guidance and explanations, future Bulldogs learned what to expect for the coming years and just how important extracurriculars are in high school and beyond.

“Extracurriculars give you a sense of belonging, they give you a community. Not only are they helpful in making friends, they help you discover what career you might want to go into,” Drama Club President Piper Lord (12) said. 

In addition to the student activities in the center quad, a key highlight of the event was no doubt the student performances, which showcased the Chinese Club’s renowned lion dance, the choir’s seraphic songs, and many other performances from the clubs that left students inspired.

“[The highlight] definitely has to be the dance performance in front of the library, as well as the magnificent choir singing, I was bobbing my head constantly throughout the singing,” Samedi Ly (11) said.

The performances demonstrated a high level of talent and dedication students at Ayala give into their clubs and created a lasting impression on the incoming freshmen as they prepare to get involved on campus.

To further prepare the 8th graders as they navigate through the transition into high school, students and parents were invited to join a presentation in the Multi Purpose Room (MPR) that explained the essentials of high school. The presenters set the stage for a successful high school experience with a wealth of information as the night came to an end.