Ayala Bulldog Artists: ‘Art to Artist’


Angelique Taylor

Unleash your artistic side and get the spotlight put on you through this feature opportunity. This is an example of what you could be sharing with the world.

Angelique Taylor, Staff Writer

‘Art to Artist’ is a submission article where you can submit your art and showcase your creativity in representing the Ayala Bulldogs. Made especially for the Arts and Entertainment department, this column is featuring people’s creativity not only using a pen and pencil, but as well as arts and crafts and other mediums. This is all about you; it does not have to be recent art but can also be art that you drew or made years ago and something that reflects yourself as a person. 

This is how it will look…

(Art name)

(Written by)


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Q: How do I send my Art? 

A: You can send it through me [email protected] or the Journalism teacher Ms. Tse [email protected]

Q: Does it only need to be Drawn/Painted?

A: No, it can also be sculptures, no matter what material it is made of, just make sure it is uniquely creative to you and has symbolism behind the art. 

Q: Do I need to be interviewed? 

A: Yes, I need to know why you did the art you have done and the symbolism/importance behind it.

Q: How will this article look? 

A: That is a good question; I put the format above this Q&A.

Q: Do I need to list the materials? 

A: Yes! It looks more professional and if someone wants to draw/make it they can also get the materials. 


Get creating!