Varsity Softball leaves the excitement for the end

Senior, Karson Zavala, pitches a shutout with 10 strikeouts


Trina Lizama

Senior Karson Zavala pitches an outstanding game with 10 strikeouts.

Trina Lizama, Staff Writer

The Bulldogs are looking forward to ending their season going undefeated. Their next matchup is against Bonita, who is 2nd in league and looking to defeat Ayala. In the past few games, Ayala has been scoring one to three ones and building anticipation till the last couple innings to kick things off. 

With pitching starter, Karson Zavala, it is anticipated that she will give Bonita a run for their money. She started off the first inning with 3 strikeouts and set the tone for the game. With Ayala up at bat, they struggled to get on base besides having one walk.

For the next 4 innings, Zavala was looking to have a shutout and hoped her offense would pull through with a run. Ayala’s match up against Bonitas starter, senior Brooklyn Shroyer, seemed to have them struggling to bring runs in. The Bulldogs had put the ball in play throughout the game but Bonitas defense was on top of them. 

It wasn’t till the 5th inning, when Jordyn Balingit got into scoring position with a stand up double and was moved to 3rd with a sac bunt from Taylor Black. With things looking promising for Ayala and with 2 outs, Tehya Banks hit an RBI triple that got Ayala on the board.

Zavala got the shutout and only allowed 3 batters on throughout the game. She also racked up a total of 10 strikeouts this game. Shroyer had a good game as well and came out with 6 strikeouts. Ayala continues the season undefeated and looks to go into CIF with Bonita.