Benjamin Lin’s passion motivates him for high sport achievements


Benjamin Lin

Benjamin Lin proves to be a benefit for the freshman football team this past fall.

Elaine Kuang

Benjamin Lin has been practicing all kinds of sports since he was in preschool. From taekwondo, basketball, track and field, to shot put, and now a skilled football player on the fields of Ayala, Lin is the very definition of an all-around athlete. Everyone who knows him could tell you that Ben was tailor-made for sports.

Lin is a freshman at Ayala High School and a first-time football player. The sport was first introduced to him during the summer before high school when he was doing track. Noticed by his coach as a great seed for competitive sports, Lin was encouraged to try out football, and ever since, he has been one of the best players on Ayala’s team.

“Now I feel the thrill of playing it. I just can’t stop,” Lin said. “I love being competitive and I love sports… the thrill of being number one is like [already] winning.”

Having discovered yet another one of his strengths, Lin has grown more convinced that no matter how old he is, his natural talent for sports will lead him to greater heights. Though he is not sure whether this is a path he wants to pursue professionally, his ambitions and talents give him the confidence that his athletic spirit will never diminish. 

“Who knows, maybe I’ll be in the NBA or NFL one day,” said Lin. 

To Lin, football has become more than just a hobby, it has become a guiding force, a mentor, a best friend who has constantly been inspiring him to become a better version of himself.

“I like football because I am always learning new things, like new ways to score a touchdown and new techniques to benefit the team more,”  It [makes] me stronger and I’m less afraid,” says Lin.

Though football has opened a new door for Lin’s athletic career, his routine for other sports has always been on his schedule. Whenever he is free from the sports he partakes in at school, he will most likely find himself in a dojo, a training ground for martial arts, practicing taekwondo. Currently, Ben has achieved a black belt dan one and he expresses high confidence that he will be able to reach dan two next year. 

Lin has also joined shot put, which has quickly become another one of his strengths. Since the start of high school, Ben has joined the track and field team alongside football while getting astonishing scores in both sports.

“He is very dedicated to shot put and football. He always gets first in shot put with a throw of around 42 (pounds),” Athalia Zhou (12) said.

What’s more, Ben has even broken the record for shot put and has thrown farther than most of the seniors on his team. As a newcomer in both sports, his achievements are truly remarkable. 

Some may think that Ben was lucky to have been gifted with these athletic talents, but only those who have seen his dedication and passion for these sports will tell you how much love he has for sports.

“I can’t tell you how dedicated he is. He practices hard,” Alina Zhou (9) said.