Varsity seniors make their senior night memorable in a double header


Trina Lizama

(left to right) Karson Zavala, Gigi Gonzalez, Tehya Banks, and Lauren Reddel were honored in a post game senior celebration.

Trina Lizama, Staff Writer

Senior night is the most looked forward and dredging day for anyone part of a varsity sport. For Ayala, varsity softball had theirs and it was a bittersweet moment. This season the Bulldogs had 4 seniors, Tehya Banks, Karson Zavala, Lauren Reddel, and Gigi Gonzalez.

On senior night, they are honored in a pregame and postgame ceremony. With teammates tearing up during their speeches they prepared for the seniors, the whole crowd felt the feelings of joy and sadness fill the air around them. 

But before all this had occurred, Claremont and Ayala had played against each other in a double header. The second game had a continuous vibe to it as both teams took the field after a 10 minute break between games. Both teams did not look tired and started the game strong. 

Starting for Ayala was their senior Karson Zavala and their senior catcher Gigi Gonzales. These two have always had a great pitcher catcher dynamic and it really shows whenever they are on the field together. Zavala started the game out strong, with almost every single inning coming with 3 outs in a row.

When Ayala went up to bat, they faced fellow senior Abby Moran. With her speed, it gave Ayala a disadvantage and advantage. Ayala had an even outcome of outs and hits in the game. They were able to score just about every inning aside from the 3rd inning. 

In the end, Ayala ended up mercy-ing Claremont in the sixth inning, 10-0. Ayala will be heading into CIF and those games are to be announced. As for Claremont, they will finish their season in fifth place for the Palomares league.