How to avoid the infamous case of senioritis


Olivia Mendoza

Graduation season is quickly coming, but with that comes the downfalls of senioritis. From an alternative perspective, here are some tips and tricks that will aid you in your journey to graduation in the years to come.

Olivia Mendoza

Last year, I would greatly consider myself an ambitious junior that wanted nothing more than to leave a lasting legacy on campus, whether that be with my leadership skills, or the connections I made with students and staff.

But today, I am a senior, only about two weeks away from my last day of school, and I want nothing more than to spend my days tanning outside with the ultimate freedom knowing that I never have to return to campus again. As the days get longer, and summer is quickly turning the corner, I am here to help prevent you from experiencing the inevitable: senioritis. 

Obviously, this feeling is something that cannot be avoided completely, but with my few pieces of advice, I hope that I could ease this terrible, terrible predicament you will one day find yourself in. 

Set a manageable course load

To ease yourself of this weight, take classes that will truly bring joy and aid you in your future endeavors. Don’t take AP Chemistry or Calculus AB/BC unless you one day hope to pursue a job in this field because the amount of stress and work that you will find yourself doing is not worth missing out on memorable experiences with your best friends. Find a balance between classes that suit your needs, but also academically challenge you. Really spend the time determining what courses will bring you value in the long run. 

Extracurricular activities 

Join and participate in clubs that have meaning. Don’t waste the time joining a club just to get a stole or cord; stay consistent with what you have been a part of for the most of your high school career. If you find yourself lacking in the extracurricular realm of your college activities, it’s not worth it to join the best and most well-known clubs, rather choose more that align with your interests and what you plan to major in during college. 

Senior year transcripts

Prioritize getting good grades in the first semester, put everything you have into getting perfect scores. Not only does it help in the college admissions process, but it also gives you a little cushion by the time second semester rolls around. After winter break, you will know that you are capable of receiving these high marks once again, but even if you fall short, you will have already been accepted into the colleges and have somewhat of an idea where you want to go. 

Find your passion

Take part in an interest that motivates you outside of school. It seems like as senior year rolls around, most activities that students have participated in over the past few years continually come to close. Especially during the last few months of second semester, seniors should utilize their free time finding creative outlets. This time of relaxing, whether that be taking up exploring outdoors, or painting could be a great start to finding new hobbies to continue in college. It is still a great way to be productive while working on something other than this strenuous school work that seniors have been bogged down with over the past four years. 


Set specific times each week to hang out with your friends. Choose a time once a week after school where you can meet and grab food before you return to the normalities of studying or attending sports events and other extracurricular activities. This is a fun way to break up the week to keep you motivated. 

Think about your future

Get excited about where you are going to school! The more you think about your future endeavors the more you will remember the last four years of high school. Now is the time when you have just about zero responsibilities and you will never have the chance to be as free as you are now. Think of all the laughs and bonds that you have created and this will help push you to the finish line. 

To future seniors, you can do it!