Senior activities marks the end of the high school journey


Elaine Kuang

As the school year comes to an end, the final events for seniors are hoped to offer them their last high school memories before they take off for college.

Elaine Kuang

As the school year comes to an end, the seniors will soon say their goodbyes to their high school journey and quickly begin a new chapter of their lives. To celebrate this memorable and proud moment, a series of exciting graduation events have been planned to honor the graduating class of 2023 of Ruben S. Ayala High School. Students will be able to dive into the excitement of senior activities and create lasting memories that mark the end of a significant chapter of their youth. Now, let us explore more in detail of the senior activities that are in store for our hardworking seniors:

May 8th – Seniors can start requesting transcripts from parchment

As seniors finish their last year of high school, it is important to not forget to obtain their final transcripts. Starting May 8th, seniors will have the opportunity to send their official high school transcripts to future schools through the digital credential service, Parchment, that promises secure transcript, diploma, and certificate delivery to colleges and universities across the country.

May 911th – Senior finals, regular school schedule

Most seniors will take their final exams during these days. The exams and school days will continue to follow the regular schedule as students demonstrate their knowledge and skills learned throughout the year one last time.

May 12th Seniors report to classes, regular schedule

After completing their final exams, seniors are still expected to report to class on Friday, May 12th and engage with their teachers and classmates in the high school environment one last time. After this day, seniors will not be required to attend classes and senior activities will officially begin. 

May 13th Prom

Like the previous years, this is one of the most anticipated events of the senior year: prom. The “Enchanting Garden” themed prom is scheduled for May 13th and will be held at Los Angeles Center Studios in Los Angeles from 7pm to 11pm. Students who have bought tickets will be able to enjoy a fun and enchanting night with festivities and end the night with unforgettable memories as they bid farewell to their high school years.

May 15th – Cap & Gown and Grad Tickets distributed in English classes

On the upcoming Monday, seniors who have purchased caps and gowns will be asked to attend their English classes to pick up their garments for graduation. Furthermore, graduation tickets will be passed out to students as grad day inches forward. 

May 15th – Bulldog Hall of Fame and Scholarship Night

Later in the day, students who have been selected will be invited to the Bulldog Hall of Fame and Scholarship Night and receive an award or recognition for their hard work and outstanding achievements in the past four years. The ceremony primarily serves to honor and congratulate those who have excelled in their academics, athletics, and other scholarships as they begin to embark in future plans beyond high school.

May 16th – Senior meeting in MPR (mandatory)

A mandatory senior meeting will be held in the MPR on Tuesday, May 16th. Seniors will be informed with the essentials of graduation and other upcoming events, so it is crucial that seniors attend this meeting to ensure a safe and organized graduation experience.

May 17th – Disneyland Trip

After a year of hard work and dedication, seniors will be able to celebrate the end of their high school career with a journey to Disneyland. This exciting outing will give seniors the opportunity to unwind and relax as they go on thrilling rides and adventures throughout the whole day. As the most popular and anticipated event, let’s see what the seniors have to say about their end-of-year trip:

“I look forward to experiencing the thrill of the rides with my friends and [creating] lasting memories I will not forget,” Alissa Arroyo (12) said.

Hailee Walker (12) adds on, “I’m really excited to go to Disneyland because I am moving out of California for college, so this will be one of my last times going for a while.”

“Definitely Disney because I have not been in a long time and it would be [a great chance] to go around with friends before we graduate!” Daphne Master (12) said.

May 18th – Senior Breakfast (optional)/ Senior Memories Night (mandatory)

On May 18th, seniors will be able to come together with their friends for an optional senior breakfast before the mandatory senior memories meeting. Seniors will have a chance to show off photos of their senior year that records a lasting memory and will be presented in a slideshow as part of the Senior Memories Night. The night will also hold performances from our talented Bulldogs, so remember to submit your photos via the Class of 2023 QR code and stay tuned!

May 19th Graduation Practice and mandatory Panoramic Picture

With graduation day approaching, seniors will be required to participate in graduation practice on May 19th to ensure the proper coordination and order of the ceremony, including the seating arrangements, walking routes, and stage protocols. Following the practice, seniors will join to take a panoramic picture of the graduating class of 2023 to capture a collective memory of a four year journey. 

May 19th – Senior Sunset 

Senior Sunset will take place at 6:30 pm in the Ayala Stadium where students will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and embrace the lasting warmth of the sun as it sets over the hills.

May 22nd – Graduation

The best for the last! The day has arrived and the pinnacle of senior activities will take place on May 22 in the stadiums of Ruben S. Ayala High School. Seniors will need to report at 5:30 pm with their caps and gowns to ensure a successful flow for the ceremony. It is crucial that students are well aware of the prohibited items and the guidelines for guests and parking locations. Graduation is a significant milestone, so don’t forget to give yourselves a pat on the back when you celebrate these years of hard work, dedication, and outstanding achievements.  

May 25th – Last day of school/ Grad Night

Grad night will take place a few days after graduation on May 25. As the last event of the entire school year, grad night will serve as the final send off before the seniors launch into the next chapter of their lives. Students will have one last chance to say their goodbyes to classmates and teachers and enjoy a night of laughter and joy before everyone goes onto different paths beyond high school. The specific details of grad night are still being finalized, but there is no doubt that the night will provide seniors with memorable moments that puts their high school adventures to an end. 

With that said, that is a wrap to all our senior activities and events this month. Mark your calendars and get ready because fun is about to begin!