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What your shoes say about you

Amanda Lyn
Shoes can tell a lot about an individual’s personality. Many shoes are versatile enough to pair with many different types of outfits an individual wears, and can really add style and emphasis to an outfit.

Among other articles of fashion, shoes are a vibrant way for people to express themselves. There are different types of shoes for every type of occasion, whether it be to school, work, hanging out with friends, or simply to chill. Shoes provide comfort, support, and fashion to an individual.

However, the type of shoes a person wears reflects who they are and how they express themselves. So, what do your shoes say about you?

If you wear…


You’re the modern version of Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” with your “off the wall” shoes

Classic street-style looks are trending and with its canvas design and bold white stripe – Vans give off big city vibes. 

If you wear Vans, you are into fashion trends and want to stay up to date with pop culture. That being said, you are probably a sociable person and love talking to people. You have an energy that people flock to, one that makes people enjoy hanging around you.

“[People who wear Vans] skate or like the style of the shoes,” Nicholas Mullins (12) said. “They follow trends.”


You’ve got an extensive amount of time and patience to tie your shoes every morning

What is considered timeless? From its extensive laces to its high top design, Converse All Stars is the sneaker that has spanned many decades. These shoes are ideal for nights in the library studying for an exam, or even just to hang out with friends.

If you wear Converse shoes, you’re typically a relaxed person, one who goes with the flow and is open-minded. One who is comfortable in most situations. You do things your own way and show everyone that there are many different paths in the world.

“Converse shoes [are] for chill people because they want one type of shoe they can wear with everything they own,” Samanatha Dougherty (11) said.

Air Force 1’s 

You either wear them shiny and brand new or wear them like they’ve been through a zombie apocalypse

The refreshing feeling you’d get after finishing a good workout, with music blasting in your ears. Air Force 1’s provide a clean, sleek look to an outfit which is perfect for different occasions, making them easily versatile.

If you wear Air Force 1’s, you can easily adapt to most situations, yet you are determined and goal-oriented. You’re adventurous and not afraid to get some dirt on your shoes. Like most people, you’re into the latest fashion trends but are at the same time casual and want to just go with the flow.

“[For] Air Force 1’s, it depends on the color. If it’s white, I can understand that it matches with everything,” Caitlyn Snyder (11) said. “But if it’s some wild color, I respect you, you’re cool, you’re out there.”


You value comfort but you’d rather be barefoot

Long walks on the pier and sunsets on the beach, Birkenstocks give off a natural vibe, with its breezy and laid back style of sandals. It’s a classic summer look.

If you wear Birkenstocks, you have a good attitude towards everyone and are always happy and optimistic. You radiate positivity towards others and are willing to try new things.

“If you wear Birkenstocks, you just have a really good aesthetic,” Violet Kowalski (11) said. “You just look comfy all the time but cute. And you look like you are doing great in life.”


You like warm hugs and your feet being snug

The perfect shoes to wear when the weather turns colder, while the smell of apple cinnamon and pumpkin is in the air. With its fluffy sheepskin and thick padding, Uggs are comfortable for the colder months to keep you warm. 

If you wear Uggs, you’re more inclined to listen to others with your relaxed mannerisms. You give off a sense of comfort, making people want to go to you for advice. 

“I think [people who wear Uggs] like to be comfy and I think that they just like the way they look,” Julissa Altamirano (12) said.

Doc Martens

You’ve got style and you’ve got money

From its sleek black finish to the iconic yellow stitches around the rim, these boots are remarkable for finishing off an outfit.

If you wear Doc Martens, you’re the type of person who puts thought and effort into your sense of style and you embrace this fashion and art style. With your creative liberty, you aren’t susceptible to one specific style of fashion, art, or music choice, rather, you like trying and experimenting new things. This often leads you to be indifferent towards what other people think about them.

“I think wearing [Doc Martens] might imply that they like a wide range of music,” Sofia Franco (9) said. “Or maybe that they have a decent way of incorporating basics into outfits.”


Ultimately, the type of shoes a person wears can give insight into who they are as a person, what they like to do, or how they express and present themselves. Most people prefer shoes that they can pair with everything, something versatile and easy to pair with, yet still comfortable and fashionable.

So look at your shoes, do you think they accurately reflect who you are?

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