Athletes recognized at the fall sports rally


Varsity soccer being recognized as League Champions during the 2021 season.

Olivia Mendoza

 With another outdoor rally in the books, the spirit remains high for the students of Ayala. Student-athletes were celebrated for their season amidst a global pandemic, as well their placement on a varsity level team. 

Bulldog pride was strong for the student-athletes that had the opportunity to experience the rally from ground level. With invite-only seats on the track, students were fortunate enough to walk through the painted gates of  Monster’s University as the captains of their teams individually called out their names. 

“It was nice getting recognized. I really enjoyed this experience. It meant a lot to me seeing [my teammates] go up and know their worth,” sophomore varsity volleyball player Daniella Serrano said. “Who doesn’t like having people clap for them.” 

To some, this was much more than just a small recognition. A lifetime’s worth of dedication to a sport was also on the line. This rally was an opportunity for the humble athletes of Ayala to take the spotlight. 

“It feels good, we’re obviously being recognized, but our voice is [now] being heard,” senior varsity soccer player Christopher Udo said. “Soccer isn’t the biggest sport here, it’s nice showing that we put the hard work in to show our dedication [and] that we can win.” 

However, all of this would have not been possible without the efforts and behind the scene planning done by the United Student Body (USB). They were once again crunched for time, working on the production of Ayala’s first rally, the Great Gatsby Homecoming, and the most current- Monster’s Inc. University Fall Rally;  without any time to take a break. 

“It was a challenge making sure that everything was done on time,” senior class competition commissioner Brandi Burnell said. “But it was worth it, getting to see the look on all the athletes’ faces when their sport was being called.” 

Compared to the indoor rallies, the outdoor rallies leave more room for the student body to see the set up that USB has made. Because it is more spread out, students and athletes can appreciate their work far more than before. 

“I really liked the university background,” Udo said. “It gave me a flashback of the movie. They are very good at including exact details.” 

Overall, the success of yet another outdoor rally amidst the ending of COVID-19 has  exemplified the tenacity that the student body holds on campus. Whether it be in athletics, academics, or extracurricular’s- everyone’s voice is heard. Making the most out of the four years at Ayala, is what every student strives for. 

“We all deserve to be seen,” Burnell said.