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Album Analysis: “Montgomery Ricky” by Ricky Montgomery

Kaitlyn Angeles
Released April 1, 2016, Ricky Montgomery’s album, “Montgomery Ricky,” holds the strong distinction from love and heartbreak. The lyrics give comfort to listeners who have experienced similar events, making the album more enjoyable to listen to.

Ricky Montgomery released his 2016 album, “Montgomery Ricky,” which became the album that popularized his career. Thinking of relationships of love and loss could make one feel different emotions. Throughout these songs, the lyrics deal with heartbreak, affection, and joy that have a heartfelt feel to it. The variety of music in the album allows the listeners to enjoy the songs in any mood they’re feeling. Here are some of his songs that have become popular over time with strong lyrical meanings behind them.

This December

“Only in my darkest moments

Can I see the light

I think I’m prone to getting 

Blinded when it’s bright”

The song “This December” represents how Montgomery feels about not wanting to be separated from his lover, but once he does, he’d want to wait for the relationship to end until December. He wants to see the brighter side of life before his world becomes dark after his lover leaves. With the lyrics “I’m alright if you’re alright, and I’m okay if you’re okay,” it shows that Montgomery only feels comfort and relief in his lover’s presence. 

Line Without a Hook

“Oh, baby, I am a wreck

When I’m without you

I need you here to stay”

In “Line Without a Hook,” the lyrics give off a vibe of hopelessness when talking to your lover. Throughout the song, it seems like Montgomery’s insecurities are taking over his mind as he thinks that his lover is too good for him and he wonders if they still love him. This is obviously a love song with a sad outlook to it, making it a good song to question your love life to.  


“Ashes, ashes, dust to dust

I think I found a place for us

It’s down by Garden after dark

It’s in my arms, it’s in my arms”

In “Cabo,” it is said that there are a couple of interpretations of this song. Some people say that it is about a bittersweet relationship, like forbidden or difficult love. However, others say that it heavily implies Montgomery’s fathers death, which is understandable from the beginning of the song. Even though the song may seem happy with the upbeat music, the meaning behind it is pretty sad. 

My Heart Buried in Venice

“My heart is buried in Venice

Hidden beneath all my worries and doubts

My heart is buried in Venice

Waiting for someone to take it home”

The song “My Heart Buried in Venice” shows how vulnerable Montgomery is to his lover and how he wants his relationship to be true. At the beginning of the song, it represents how he wants his lover to feel comfortable around him, like a safe place. Venice portrays a place where he and his significant other can be happy together. However, as referenced in the song title, his heart is buried in Venice, meaning that all the good memories are left alone and are buried. 

Mr. Loverman

“I’m Mr. Loverman

And I miss my loverman

I’m Mr. Loverman

Oh, and I miss my lover”

“Mr. Loverman” is about Montgomery’s dad’s difficulties in his love life before death. From losing his lover, the man feels like there’s a piece that is missing from him, as referenced in the line: “and I miss my lover man.” Most people know this song from different animes, mostly “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Banana Fish,” where videos feature two characters who split from each other by death.

Get Used to It

“Used to live inside this box with everyone noticin’ me

I used to leave the evenin’ feelin’ right

I’ll be with you each and every night

Chasing that horizon in our eyes”

The song “Get Used to It” represents the changes that Montgomery has been through. Parts of the lyrics talk about his past, and the problems that would occur in the future. It shows how he seemed happier in his younger years, but as he grew older, his relationships began to disappear, leaving him with a feeling of not fulfilling anything. This feeling of unfulfilled desires is something that he would grow used to, hence the song title.

The album shows the hardships that Montgomery has felt throughout his life, with both platonic and romantic relationships. Parts of his personal life are shared such as somebody he really cared about. The lyrics are down to earth as people can relate to these experiences. 

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