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Album Analysis: “Luxury Disease” by ONE OK ROCK

David Jung
Released September 9, 2022, “Luxury Disease” by ONE OK ROCK is the perfect album for anyone wanting to have an introductory listen to rock music.

Ever needed an album that conveys all of your emotions? ONE OK ROCK has got you covered. Released on September 9, 2022, “Luxury Disease” is the band’s tenth album and is a throwback to their roots in rock, while providing a variety of other musical elements. Even though all the songs are amazing, we are limited to six by our editors so here are the finest from the album. 

“Save Yourself”

“Save yourself

Love is pain, I know too well

You’ve never felt

Waves this strong, just save yourself

I learned to sink or swim

But you can’t even dive right in

Save yourself

If you’re drowning in your doubt

Save yourself”

“Save Yourself” is the first song in the album and for good reason. Harking back to their rock roots, “Save Yourself” is about that pain of experiencing heartbreak and relying on yourself for your own path. Filled with lyrics you might hear in a Linkin Park song, this song pays homage to those who fell in love with rock and want to experience that feeling again.


“Said you’d keep me safe, now you’re tearing me down

Am I laid to waste, now that you’re not around?

Come and leave your mark”

To vandalize is to destroy something, which in this case is a relationship. The person who you loved destroyed you when they betrayed the trust you gave so much to them. The person is begging for the pain to end, and to be replaced with healing. Fun fact, this song was used in the game “Sonic Frontiers” as one of the ending themes.


“And I’ll prove it to you

Prove it to you, prove it to you

Prove it to you, prove it to you

Prove without a doubt

Give me the one chance, the one chance

So I can, so I can prove to you”

“Prove” sings how even after others doubt one’s abilities, that person can still overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. For anyone looking to feel validation from others, you’ll feel close to this song.


“They’ve been holding us down

They’ve been telling us to change our voices

But we’re not part of that crowd

We made our bed and we’ll make our own choices

We may be underestimated

But I know one day we will make it

Time to say it out loud

We are young and we’re proud”

“Renegades” is about questioning how the current world is and what we can do to change it. People that “tell us to change our voices” are the same people whose only care is towards themselves, not those suffering from their actions. Even though it will be a long battle, we can achieve the goal that other like-minded people support, and create a world where everyone is equal.

“Out of Sight”

“Don’t blink, don’t stare

When you’re standing here, are you really there?

When the rain is gone

Are you moving on? ‘Cause I’m holding on to you

Don’t know how to give your heart back”

“Out of Sight” is a song where someone feels invisible to their partner. They try to get their attention to no avail. Later on, the person decides to leave this toxic relationship by letting go of their past, and are ready to move on to the future. 

“When They Turn the Lights On”

“I was broken (ooh), I was (ooh) caught up in the moment (ooh)

I know that I was wrong

But when they turn the lights on

I’ll be stronger (ooh), I can stand a (ooh) little taller

The darkness will be gone

When they turn the lights on

Lights on tonight

I went swimmin’ with heavy weights”

“When They Turn the Lights On” is for those who love listening to Queen. The lyrics sing about a person making horrible decisions and very broken inside. However, the chorus says otherwise when the lights do turn on and the person sees hope, learning from the mistakes that they once made.

I would recommend this album to anyone getting into rock and trying other genres along the way. It’s a good starting point for the band too as their previous albums included more Japanese, which may put off some people. Please, listen and enjoy what ONE OK ROCK has to provide.

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