Halloween Wrap-Up: what people did over the “Halloweekend”



Trinity Phillips

Halloween is the time where many get into the spirit of doing spooky activites. There was a variety of things that people did in order to get into the halloween spirit, like dressing up and putting up spooky decorations.

A classic October tradition that many people participated in was watching scary or Halloween themed movies.

“Whenever I hear the word Halloween I think of the colors purple, orange, and black. It also makes me excited because I love Halloween and the whole month of October. My favorite movies are Corpse Bride and IT,” Senior Carlee Egge said.

Egge also enjoys giving candy out to kids, gathering with family, picking out halloween costumes, the weather, and just watching movies that are halloween themed. Egge is very passionate about Halloween and October as a whole.

Some beloved movies that people watched around this time of the year included Hocus Pocus, Twitches, Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas, ParaNorman, Corpse BrideGirl v.s. Monster, Scream, IT, and many other different Halloween centered movies.

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“I don’t watch a lot of television, but I have seen some Halloween themed movies like Nightmare Before Christmas, and it was pretty cool,” senior Caelan Serrano said. “One movie I do recommend watching is called Life because it is very suspenseful and kinda scary so it has the same thrill as a Halloween themed movie.”

During Halloween, many love to go trick-or-treating, as getting free candy is an opportunity that many do not want to miss.

“My favorite thing about Halloween would probably be the candy. I love Reese’s, milky ways, mint chocolates, and any other kinds of chocolate,” Serrano said.

Halloween and the fall season isn’t just something that is appreciated by teens and children, even adults can join in on the fun of the season.

“You get to see the leaves change, all seasonal candies out, and seasonal drinks like at Starbucks. I also liked decorating my classroom and giving candy to my students for fun, and for them to had something to look forward to in the class for Halloween,” said Economics and Government teacher Susan Taja.

Halloween falling on a Sunday meant that festivities for the holiday were able to come in full swing. Many who enjoy the holiday got to truly experience a great Sunday, whilst others who are not as interested in Halloween were still able to enjoy a day of relaxation before a hectic Monday.