Kindness week touches the hearts of students before Thanksgiving

Katelyn Jimenez

Kindness Week took place right before Thanksgiving break, allowing people who celebrate it to give thanks and reflect on what they are most grateful for. Most kids participated in this week by following the spirit days and doing nice things for others such as students, teachers, and other staff members on campus.

“On Monday, I participated in pajama day and I have been wearing my kindness bracelet all week,” said junior Jude Rubalcaba. 

He has also been attempting to participate in doing generous acts for others and has made a list for, not only himself, but for what others can do as well. This way others can have ideas on what they could do to show kindness.

“I can help teachers pass out things if they need it or I can go up to other students who look lonely and make a conversation with them, just so they know they’re not alone,” said Rubalcaba. “I do think most people at this school are kind. Of course, there will always be those who aren’t, but you have to ignore those types of people and not let what they say affect you.” 

Junior Mia Setlich has actually had someone be kind to her this week and was very open to sharing in hopes people would do the same for others.

“On Thursday, I was walking to my 5th period class, and a girl stopped me to say I was really pretty and it made my day 100x better,” said Setlich. 

Students all around campus have been doing things out of kindness for others and it’s a great chain of events. Seeing someone do something kind for someone else may just lead to the reciprocation of that favor. 

“I think I am often kind to people. I like to make people feel like they matter. I like to help others and make their day a little better,” said Setlich.  

Other ways students expressed their kindness was by showing staff some appreciation as well.

“This week I started stopping by my old history teacher’s classroom to talk and to just ask how his day was,” said junior Rita Korail. “I know most teachers don’t get that, especially from past students, so it’s just something to do to hopefully make someone’s day.”

It’s not just student’s doing good deeds, but teachers as well. “My history teacher gave us a quiz, except it was a ‘take-home’ quiz, which meant I was able to do it whenever until Friday,” said Korail. “She is also showing us a movie this week that is based on kindness and good deeds.”

“I’m hoping that people would understand that it doesn’t take a lot to be kind to others,” said Korail. “Even the little things may make someone’s day and it might be the only nice thing anyone’s done for them, so you never know.”