A look into the rush of Chipotle fundraisers

Avery Rosas

As clubs and sports look for dependable funds, they know there’s one place they can count on: Chipotle. The Mexican-style made-to-order fast food chain hosted at least 4 fundraisers in a week span earlier in November.

Of those clubs, Key Club was one of them. And it doesn’t take much thinking to find out why they held the fundraiser; because money is versatile.

“Normally, it is just to add money to our account for senior stoles, field trips, special events, to pay for buses, among other things,” said advisor for Key Club Mr. Venegas.

Money is important for funds, but location is also important. Clubs want to choose a location that they can be sure will be a popular fundraiser for students to participate in.

Their food is good, so we know that many students will want to attend the fundraiser,” said Venegas.

Another of the 4 fundraisers was hosted by the Debate Club, whose new members had their first experience with the process of working in a club along with the processes of setting up a fundraiser.

At the beginning it was a little confusing because we were teaching the newer officers how to plan and execute it, but over time we smoothed out all the bumps,” said Risha Trivedi, senior and President of the Debate Club. 

Money is great and fundraisers are fun, but it’s the use of the funds that drives students and clubs towards having them. Any events or supplies that clubs need have to come from their own pockets, or in this case, a Chipotle Fundraiser.

“The main goal of the fundraiser was to fund our tournaments and league registration, since we have recently joined a new league,” said Trivedi. “We were hoping to relieve some of the stress from our members and make it easier for more members to attend the tournaments.”

Along with the process of getting the fundraiser with Chipotle, clubs have to find a way to advertise it, ensuring a good amount of income. With popularizing social media accounts such as the Ayala Bulldog Times and the Ayala graduating classes, some clubs have found that avenue.

We DM other Social media accounts on social media like the Ayala Bulldog News, Ayala Class of 2022, and others,” said Venegas.

Being the Key Club, a lot of students and money is to be accounted for. Successful fundraisers are almost a necessity in order to fund the supplies and requirements to keep the club running. 

“[The funds are] usually donated to the Pediatric Trauma Program, but sometimes we also raise funds [on our own],” said Key Club president and senior Ashley Jung. “ Since we are the biggest club on campus, it is hard to host events without funds.”

Overall, clubs and sports alike have shown and can agree that Chipotle is the reliable go-to for a successful start-up fundraiser.

“Many clubs and organizations in our area tend to collaborate with Chipotle, so we gave it a try,” said Jung. “After our first fundraiser with them, we loved their consistency and easy process. Their food is amazing and healthy compared to other food places, as well!”