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Avery Rosas

Avery Rosas, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor

Avery Rosas (12) is the Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor for the Bulldog Times. In his third and final year on staff, he hopes to grow the publication’s reach by diving deeper into the stories that make our school, and our students, unique. Avery is very culturally centered from his proud Mexican heritage and, as a result, is heavily involved in the World Language programs at the school. He hopes to influence others to become proud of their cultures while also respecting those of others. His immersion in his Mexican culture is seen in the altars he constructs for Dia de Los Muertos and heard in his never-ending Latino music playlists, his daily soundtrack consisting of anything from Natalia Lafourcade, Pedro Infante and Los Panchos to Romeo Santos, Caifanes and Los Angeles Azules. 

However, his biggest passion, seen in his writing and known by those around him, is baseball; more specifically, his darling Los Angeles Dodgers. Baseball is the center of Avery's media consumption and his immersion in the sport has allowed him to meet people across the country who deepen his understanding of the game and generally just enrich his life. His proficiency in baseball and sports writing as a whole has allowed him to enjoy some of the proudest moments of his life, the biggest of which was ranking Excellent in Sports Writing during a trip to the JEA/NSPA competition and convention held in San Francisco in April 2023. This year, he's hoping to further improve his writing skills and reach Superior for his final high school competition.

Despite this being his last year as an editor for the Bulldog Times, he hopes to impart his passion for the program onto his underclassmen staff members and show them the beauty of what the Bulldog Times can do for writers and collaborators during their high school years; he also took the liberty of  drastically surpassing the word count for his staff bio because it's his last year.

Every moment, every article, every quote, and every word given to the Bulldog Times by Avery has been the legacy he hopes to leave to future student journalists and the higher standards he hopes to bring for the publication. And of course, he couldn't have done any of it without his mentor, advisor and friend, Ms. Eileen Tse, whom he will miss very much when he eventually leaves the Bulldog Times.


All content by Avery Rosas
Over the past three years, Rosas has given everything in order to have the privilege and honor of saying that he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Bulldog Times. Now, he says goodbye.

Farewell from the Editor-in-Chief

Avery Rosas, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor
June 6, 2024
Chloe Kubeldis USB Senior portrait, a final testament to the presidency role that took precedence over the multiple extracurriculars she participated in.

Chloe Kubeldis: Everyone, everywhere, all at once

Avery Rosas, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor
March 17, 2024
Sophomore Elijah Duarte fields a ground ball to second base in the top of the sixth inning, a half inning before they cut the lead from 3-0 to 3-2. Unfortunately, Ayala was unable to fully overcome their early deficit.

Varsity baseball comes up short in home opener

Avery Rosas, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor
February 22, 2024
After Mikayla Benavidez (10) was able to walk it off for Ayala, players swarmed the field in celebration of their furthest CIF run yet.

CIF Quarter Finals: Varsity girls soccer bounces back

Avery Rosas, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor
February 16, 2024
Every few months, members of the Student Site Council hold meetings to discuss and be updated on everything pertinent to the student bodys progress and achievements.

Second SSC meeting centers back on students

Avery Rosas, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor
February 1, 2024
September 15 marks the start of a momentous period of celebration for Hispanic contributions, but that doesnt include just Hispanics. Just at our own school, there are plenty of ways that appreciation for Hispanic culture is shown that is not sourced from Hispanics themselves.

Hispanic Heritage Month, according to non-Hispanics

Avery Rosas, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor
October 12, 2023
Backed with the support of almost one thousand students and parents, Ayala fought hard to protect their trophy for the sixth straight year on Battle for the Bone. As players stormed the field, roars from the stands shook the field and the freshly painted turf.

The bone stays home, Ayala wins sixth in a row

Avery Rosas, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor
September 19, 2023
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